362.153 Scientific Programming in Python
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2019W, SE, 2.0h, 2.0EC, to be held in blocked form


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 2.0
  • Type: SE Seminar

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...
... write structured Python code using functions and/or classes, and depending on the assingment
... competently use NumPy arrays.
... generate nontrivial graphics using Matplotlib.
... work with GitHub and git.

Subject of course

A simple topography simulator is developed by the students in steps in the programming language Python. Alternatively, some stand-alone assignments (mostly postprocessing of scientific data) are available.

Teaching methods

Write and present code. Discussion of implementations.

Mode of examination


Additional information

For ETIT students of the third year: If you plan to attend the exercises in Automation, choose one of the later groups, you may leave our class at 14:30. If you plan to attend the Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory, avoid groups with 3 Mondays (you are excused for 2 dates), or choose dates at the beginning of the term.

Please consider the plagiarism guidelines of TU Wien when writing your seminar paper: http://www.tuwien.ac.at/fileadmin/t/ukanzlei/t-ukanzlei-english/Plagiarism.pdf

Please consider the plagiarism guidelines of TU Wien when writing your seminar paper: https://www.tuwien.at/fileadmin/Assets/dienstleister/Datenschutz_und_Dokumentenmanagement/Plagiarism.pdf



Course dates

Mon13:00 - 15:0011.11.2019Seminarraum 362 - 1 Introduction
Mon13:00 - 15:0018.11.2019 - 27.01.2020Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Scientific Programming in Python - Single appointments
Mon11.11.201913:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Introduction
Mon18.11.201913:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Mon25.11.201913:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Mon02.12.201913:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Mon09.12.201913:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Mon16.12.201913:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Mon13.01.202013:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Mon20.01.202013:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Mon27.01.202013:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 362 - 1 Python
Course is held blocked

Examination modalities

Deliver and present the code.

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
04.11.2019 00:00 11.11.2019 23:59

Registration modalities:

Validation of enrollment by attendance of introductory lecture required.



The student has to be enrolled for at least one of the studies listed below



No lecture notes are available.

Previous knowledge

Knowledge of Python as taught in 362.171.

Preceding courses


  • Attendance Required!