253.752 Processes and controling of complex architectural projects
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2019S, VO, 2.0h, 2.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 2.0
  • Type: VO Lecture

Aim of course

.) General planning and construction management of complex architecture-/large-scale projects,
.) Building Information Management [BIMan] and the control of complex architectural and construction projects - from draft to handover and use of a building,
.) the engineering - methodes and instruments - of draft, planning, award, construction and commissioning processes,
.) the enhancement (sharping) of social competence through iterative and integral project organisation and planning.

Subject of course

Project organisation for planning, construction and the life cycle of a building - from basic evaluation/preliminary planning to the handover of a building: planning, awarding and construction processes, tasks, interfaces and communication between project participants [client, user, facility management, specialist planners (urban development, sociology, business organisation, construction / statics, structural physics, fire protection, climate and building services engineering, medical engineering, logistics), EVU, authorities and building contractors].

Performance and remuneration modells: project management [PM], project leadership [L], project control [S], accompanying control [BK], general plannung, object planning, specialist planning, BIMan and BIM general planning.

Sequential vs. integral planning and construction management of complex architectural projects: Planning modes and content for the general planning and construction management of complex architect-/large-scale projects.

Standards and regulations in architecture. Curse or blessing?

Schedule and cost planning and control - see the lectures 253.762.

Communication and the conduction of meetingsc - digital construction file: engineering, data and document management - see the lectures 253.758.

Best bidder tender procedure according to BVergG for services, construction and supply services: quality control within the tender procedure.

Anti claim management. handling changes in services (supplementary audit, advanced tender evaluation according to BVergG) - see the lectures 253.761.

Analysis of planning mode, tender procedures, quality management systems and methods for managing complex architectural and building projects.

Additional information

Consultation hours: Friday, 11:00, Abt. Hochbau I + Entwerfen.



Examination modalities

Seminar papers including a public presentation and defence of the theses (examination).

Course registration

Not necessary


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066 443 Architecture


DIN 69901 Projektmanagement - Projektmanagementsysteme (5 Teile):
DIN 69901.1 Grundlagen
DIN 69901.2 Prozesse, Prozessmodell
DIN 69901.3 Methoden
DIN 69901.4 Daten, Datenmodell
DIN 69901.5 Begriffe
Bundesvergabegesetz (BVergG) 2018.
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Previous knowledge

Bachelors degree in architecture or civil engineering, industrial engineering, spatial planning or similar.

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