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Jahr 2019
37. Stück
03. Oktober 2019

Karlsplatz 13
1040 Wien




386. Bevollmächtigungen gemäß § 27 Abs. 2 UG

Die Aufstellung der gem. § 27 Abs. 2 UG erteilten Bevollmächtigungen ist unter folgendem Link verfügbar:

Die Rektorin:
Dr. S. S e i d l e r


387. Bevollmächtigungen gemäß § 28 UG

Die aktuelle Aufstellung der Bevollmächtigungen gemäß § 28 UG ist unter verfügbar.

Die Rektorin:
Dr. S. S e i d l e r



388. Sicherheitsvertrauenspersonen und Brandschutzwarte der TU Wien

Eine Aufstellung der Sicherheitsvertrauenspersonen und Brandschutzwarte der TU Wien finden Sie unter 


389. Announcement of an open position at the Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien, Austria FULL PROFESSOR of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TECHNIQUES

The TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) invites applications for a Full Professor position according to § 98 University Act 2002 at the Faculty of Informatics. The position is affiliated to the Institute of Logic and Computation. The estimated starting date is Oktober 1, 2020.

The applicant is required to have an outstanding academic record in Artificial Intelligence. In particular, the focus of the professorship will be on techniques and tools for Artificial Intelligence Systems. Topics of interest include but are not restricted to: Heuristic Problem Solving and Search, Question Answering, Algorithmic Decision Making, Probabilistic Models and Reasoning, Planning and Scheduling, Natural Language Understanding, Engineering of Intelligent Systems.

Besides research, the duties of a Full Professor at the TU Wien include graduate and undergraduate teaching (in English or German) as well as contributing to usual management and faculty service tasks.

The appointment will be made full time and permanent. If this is a candidate’s first appointment as a full professor, the initial appointment is for 5 years and will then be made permanent following a positive evaluation.

The TU Wien is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and it is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution. The Faculty of Informatics, one of the eight faculties at the TU Wien, plays an active role in national and international research and has an excellent reputation. The main areas of research include Computer Engineering, Logic and Computation, Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, as well as Information Systems Engineering.

Applicants are expected to have the following qualifications:

-  PhD or doctoral degree.
-  Post-doctoral experience at a university or other research institution.
-  An outstanding research and publication record.
-  An excellent reputation as an active member of the international scientific community.
-  Experience in raising research funds and managing scientific research projects.
-  Experience in university teaching.
-  Pedagogic and didactic skills.
-  Administrative and organisational skills.

-  Habilitation (or equivalent qualification).
-  Leadership skills.
-  Gender sensitivity and social skills.
-  Willingness to promote young scientists.
-  If the candidate’s knowledge of German is not sufficient, the willingness to learn German is expected.


-  Excellent working conditions in an attractive research environment.
-  An attractive salary, including additional contributions to a pension fund.
-  Additional financial research support during the first few years (equipment etc.).
-  Support for relocating to Vienna (if required).
-  Dual Career Advice (if required): For partners of appointed Professors the TU Wien offers several individual support measures.
-  A position in a city with an exceptional quality of life.


For information about
-  the TU Wien, go to:
-  the Faculty of Informatics, go to:
-  the 4 main research areas of the Faculty of Informatics, go to:
-  the Institute of Logic and Computation, go to:


The TU Wien is committed to increasing female employment in leading scientific positions. Female applicants are explicitly encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to female applicants when equally qualified.

People with special needs with appropriate qualifications are encouraged to apply. In case of queries, please contact the representative of people with disabilities of TU Wien Mr. Gerhard Neustätter ( ).

Child care breaks will be handled in the same manner as in the ERC regulations for principal investigators applying to the starting grant; see: 

Applications have to include

-  A detailed curriculum vitae.
-  A list of publications.
-  Copies of the applicant’s five most important publications related to the position together with an explanation of their relevance.
-  A positioning statement, describing the applicant’s vision on how to position and advance the field within the Faculty of Informatics in the areas of research and teaching, in particular in connection with the 4 main research areas of the Faculty of Informatics.

The actual salary will be agreed between the successful applicant and the university, commensurate with qualifications and relevant experience. In accordance with the Austrian Collective Agreement for University Staff full professors receive a minimum salary of currently EUR 71,822.80 per year.

Applications (in English) should be sent to the

Dean of the Faculty of Informatics
Prof. Dr. Hannes Werthner

in digital form as a single pdf file to:

Application Deadline: December 1, 2019



Eigentümer, Herausgeber und Verleger: Universitätsverwaltung der Technischen Universität Wien
Redaktion: Angelika Kober, Helga Thalinger, Sylvia Huemayer
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