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Jahr 2019
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April 05, 2019

Karlsplatz 13
1040 Wien




112. Bevollmächtigungen gemäß § 27 Abs. 2 UG

Die Aufstellung der gem. § 27 Abs. 2 UG erteilten Bevollmächtigungen ist unter folgendem Link verfügbar:

Die Rektorin:
Dr. S. S e i d l e r


113. Bevollmächtigungen gemäß § 28 UG

Die aktuelle Aufstellung der Bevollmächtigungen gemäß § 28 UG ist unter verfügbar.

Die Rektorin:
Dr. S. S e i d l e r



114. Sicherheitsvertrauenspersonen der TU Wien

Eine Aufstellung der Sicherheitsvertrauenspersonen der TU Wien finden Sie unter



115. Ausschreibung freier Stellen

Die Universität strebt eine Erhöhung des Frauenanteils insbesondere in Leitungsfunktionen und beim wissenschaftlichen bzw. künstlerischen Personal an und fordert deshalb qualifizierte Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Bewerberinnen, die gleich geeignet sind wie der bestgeeignete Mitbewerber, werden vorrangig aufgenommen, soferne nicht in der Person eines Mitbewerbers liegende Gründe überwiegen.
Wir sind bemüht, behinderte Menschen mit entsprechender Qualifikation einzustellen und fordern daher ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an die Behindertenvertrauensperson der TU Wien, Herrn Gerhard Neustätter



115.1. Vienna Research Group Leader in the field of „Information and Communication Technology – Interdisciplinary Data Science

Applications are being invited for outstanding early-career scientists (2-8 years post PhD), interested in building up their independent research group in the field of "Information and Communication Technology – Data Science" at the TU Wien. This group shall strive to improve the understanding of substantial current scientific research questions in the field of data science that lead to applicable solutions in and together with other disciplines with potential medium term economic or social benefits. The ability to bridge disciplines is thus a key evaluation criterion. New interdisciplinary combinations are also encouraged and highly appreciated.
The aim of this announcement is to look for and attract exceptional candidates, who, once selected, will then go on to submit an application in tandem together with an experienced scientist at TU Wien, for the call “Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators” by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF):
In the case of a successful funding decision by the WWTF board, the research group will be financed for 6 – 8 years, with up to 1.6 million EUR being provided by the WWTF, and an additional contribution from TU Wien itself. The successful candidate will be offered a tenure-track position at the TU Wien.
Applicants should have exceptional promise, or a proven outstanding record of research achievement, within the field of “ICT - Interdisciplinary Data Science”. They should also provide strong evidence of their potential to make a significant contribution to substantial state-of-the-art scientific research questions in this particular research field.
TU Wien is committed to increase female employment in leading scientific positions. Female candidates are explicitly encouraged to apply. Preference will be given when equally qualified.
People with special needs are equally encouraged to apply. In case of any questions, please contact the confidant for disabled persons at the university (contact:
Application procedure:
Interested candidates should contact their possible host scientists at the TU Wien prior to application. Please find a list of possible host groups: call_vrg2019.
Applications have to include
1) CV with publication list,
2) list of relevant research projects,
3) teaching activities (evaluations, if available),
4) supervised PhD students and
5) short statement of the intended research project in form of a motivation letter
Please send all documents to with the subject “Research Group Title/ TU Wien host” to allow a clear assignment.
Application deadline is May, 2nd 2019 latest.
All applications will be treated confidentially and according to our Data Protection Policy.
For further information please contact:
Scientific questions: the respective group hosts – please see “scientific contact” in each group description
Administrative issues: Elisabeth Schludermann, Funding Support and Industry Relations, Research and Transfer Support: 



Eigentümer, Herausgeber und Verleger: Universitätsverwaltung der Technischen Universität Wien
Redaktion: Angelika Kober, Helga Thalinger, Sylvia Huemayer
Druck: Technische Universität Wien, alle 1040 Wien, Karlsplatz 13
Redaktionsschluss: jeweils Mittwoch vor dem 1. und 3. Donnerstag jeden Monats um 12.00 Uhr

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