COMPASS - optimised co-modal passenger transport for reducing carbon emissions

01.11.2011 - 30.11.2013

The work to be carried out in COMPASS can build on a substantial body of knowledge on co-modal and intermodal passenger transport already available from past and current projects, in particular KITE, LINK, INTERCONNECT, HERMES, CLOSER, ORIGAMI and USEmobility. From this basis, COMPASS’s specific scientific and technological objectives are: • To identify key trends (demographic, societal, economical, policy etc) that will affect mobility now and in the future; • To identify the mobility needs of current and future travellers; • To identify the potential role of ICT in promoting co-modality and data collection; • To identify the information that would be needed from data in order properly understand mobility, to optimise a future co-modal transport system and to assess the impact of new solutions; • To analyse existing surveys with regard to data available concerning long-distance, rural and urban travel; • To identify solutions to improving behavioural data (from ICT or elsewhere) and needs and opportunities for harmonisation of the data collected, in particular in the various national surveys (this also includes new definitions of accessibility indicators); • To identify and investigate ICT solutions to influence mobility patterns for long-distance, rural and urban travel towards increased co-modality; • To develop business models that enable and promote these solutions in practice; • To assess the potential impact of the solutions identified both on local and on European level, in particular with regard to carbon emissions; • To derive conclusions and recommendations for national and EU transport policy and actions; • To disseminate the findings widely amongst policy makers and other stakeholders as well as researchers and the transport industry. The main outputs of COMPASS will be a ‘Handbook of ICT solutions for improving co-modality in passenger transport and an assessment of the potential impact of ICT solutions on a co-modal transport system.






  • European Commission (EU) RP7 I.7 ZUSAMMENARBEIT Verkehr und Luftfahrt 7.Rahmenprogramm für Forschung Europäische Kommission - Rahmenprogamme Europäische Kommission Ausschreibungskennung TCP1-GA-2011-284722 Antragsnummer 284722


Verkehrsplanungtransport planning
Co Modalco modality
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