Rosenberg - Euroconference

01.12.1999 - 30.04.2004
Concluding Evaluation: The Euroconference Series on Environmental Analytical Chemistry (EUCON EAC II) was the successful continuation of the first Series of Euroconferences on Environmental Analytical Chemistry (EUCON EAC I) which were held in the years 1997-1999 in annual order. The conference series has over the years established its place in the scientific community as a well-known training activity of highest European level. It was the initial idea to provide a general and as wide as possible training on Environmental Analytical Chemistry through intensive, five days lasting conferences which were in many aspects trying to adopt the concept of the well-reputed ¿Gordon Research Conferences¿. This was achieved by a) strictly limiting the number of participants to 100 (or even less) participants, b) invitation of the most renowned speakers to present keynote lectures on important topics for the conferences, c) allocating sufficient time for presentation and discussion of the scientific results of Young Researchers, particularly as d) the conferences were usually organised at rather remote places which ensured that the conference delegates - both senior scientist and Young Researchers - would have ample opportunity for formal and informal discussions and intensive contacts. While the Euroconferences of the first series (1997-1999) were on purpose kept very broad in their scientific coverage, this second series of Euroconferences changed the format slightly by defining key topics for each of the meetings. These topics were particularly emphasised through the selection of the invited speakers (which of course also attracted a targeted audience), but the Euroconferences were still open for contributions on any novel and important topic in the field of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry. The focus of the first Euroconferences in this second series (Viségrad, Hungary, 2000) was thus on global environmental and analytical problems (¿Is there a Global Solution to Europe¿s Environmental Problems ?¿). Considering that the New Member States had at the time of contract submission just become ¿Associated States¿ and they are now about to become Full Members of the European Union, it appears even in retrospect most appropriate to not only have chosen Hungary as the location of organising the Euroconference, but also to discuss environmental analytical problems which are created (or increased) due to the further integration of European countries, or, on a larger scale, through the increasing globalisation.





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Umweltanalytikenvironmental analysis
Umweltchemieenvironmental chemistry
Konferenzserieconference series

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