Contactless (RFID) Sensing

01.04.2011 - 03.03.2013
In the Internet of things, the ConSens partners envision sensor grains that could be read in the home where the home freezer contains a simple, inexpensive reader that makes it apparent to even the technologically phobic whether her food or medicines are imperceptibly damaged or impotent. The ConSens project is intended to eliminate the risk of missing important temperature or shock events occurring during goods transit in the stream of commerce by creating sensitive little passive sensor grains. As passive sensors, these grains will detect changes in environmental conditions important in a wide variety of applications from frozen food distribution to pharmaceuticals and medical supply (e.g. blood and organ distribution) to fragile, high-tech goods such as weapons and electronics. The ambitious aims of the ConSens project, regard the research, definition and development of a highly innovative miniature passive sensing system. Those aims include passive sensing (battery-less) on a grain, dual purpose detection, dual purpose structures, single unit packaging, at-will initialize-ability, and demonstration. The biggest challenges will be to realize sensors which are able to detect and remember excess of physical parameters without batteries and in absence of any RFID reader, second to initialize those sensors just when they are applied to the goods and third to be able to read the sensor information via RFID Antenna and even via On Chip RFID Antenna. The experience and skills of the ConSens consortium make them the natural choice to turn this dream into reality.






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Kontaktlose SensorikContactless Sensing
Ultrabreitbandige FunksystemeUltra-Wideband Radio Systems