01.05.2007 - 30.06.2014

The proposed project aims at combining atomic and molecular quantum optics with the field of light confinement and control in tapered optical fibres. This goal is motivated by the perspective of building and operating integrated glass fibre quantum optical devices which rely on the controlled interaction between light and matter close to or on the surface of specially designed optical fibres. Due to the quantum nature of this interaction, these devices will offer enhanced and even entirely new functionalities as compared to classical systems. The research program, which defines the route towards this overall goal, is grouped around four main themes: 1) The fabrication of ultra-thin tapered optical fibres with diameters ranging from 10 micrometers down to 100 nanometres 2) The realization of optical microresonators based on such fibres 3) The guiding and trapping of cold atoms using the evanescent fields around subwavelength-diameter tapered optical fibres 4) The detection and spectroscopic examination of single atoms and molecules on or close to the surface of ultra-thin tapered optical fibres The results obtained in the framework of this research program will be, e.g., of direct relevance for applications in the fields of ultra-high sensitivity molecule detection and spectroscopy for biological and chemical sensing, “atomic switches” for light fields, novel types of microlasers, sources of non-classical light for quantum communication and cryptography, and basic units for quantum information processing. The implementation of such applications in the research program is planned for a later stage of the proposed project to thereby further establish and extend the new and innovative field of glass fibre quantum optics.






  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Internationale Förderung und Mischformen) Fördergeber Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Reichweite Internationale Förderung und Mischformen Projekttyp Forschungsförderungsprojekt Ausschreibungskennung ESF: EURYI award 2006


  • Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies


Optische NanofasernOptical Nanofibers
Licht-Materie WechselwirkungLight-Matter Interaction