Harmonisierte semantische Metasuche in verteilten Datenbanksystemen

01.11.2010 - 31.10.2012
Objective of HarmoSearch is to leverage the use of an existing mediation and harmonisation service for the European tourism market, called Harmonise, by adding new components of clear market value addressing specific user needs. The current version of Harmonise, Harmonise 2.0, is an online service to exchange data with others partners without the need to change the local data schema. Research work is needed to develop an (semi-) automatic mapping tool, which allows users to generate mappings without any technological knowledge or mapping skills, and a semantic meta-search component, based on a semantic registry, to addresses scientific issues like mapping of search queries and intelligent routing to appropriate data sources. HarmoSearch is based on the work of past projects and activities, like Harmonise (IST 2000-29329), Harmo-TEN (eTEN C510828), a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA 15992:2009 E), activities of the non-profit HarmoNET association, the euromuse.net project (eTEN C046229) and portals like e.g. VisitEurope.com. This project brings together five SME partners with a history in the domain and of which some have already made investments in the Harmonise system in the past. They would benefit from a broader use of the Harmonise system in general, but each partner also brings a specific need in addition. Even in a conservative business model, carefully evaluating future incomes, the project could generate additional sales on a five year horizon doubling the total project volume and exceeding the investment needed by SME partners for this project. Not considering the overall positive impact on the European tourism market by overcoming technical obstacles for new and improved services. Project results are first of all the ownership of the SME partners, while RTD partners have the right to use knowledge for their research work and other partners may use the outcomes for their networks (HarmoNET and euromuse.net).






  • European Commission (EU) RP7 IV.2 KAPAZITÄTEN Forschung für KMU 7.Rahmenprogramm für Forschung Europäische Kommission - Rahmenprogamme Europäische Kommission Ausschreibungskennung FP7-SME-2010-1 Antragsnummer 262289


  • Information and Communication Technology


Semantische TechnologienSemantic Web
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