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01.01.2010 - 31.01.2012
The purpose of the Future Internet Austria (FIA) Community is to build up Austria as a leading national centre of research and innovation excellence and technology transfer to industry in the area of Future Internet. Future Internet is about developing and transferring to market the technologies and tools needed to underlie future communication and data exchange. Today‟s Internet is already a major part of global business and social activities, yet is poorly prepared for future growth in number of online users and devices, the scale of data that will be stored and processed, or to support advances in IT that will be part of the Future Internet such as 3D HD multimedia or the Semantic Web. The EU alone is funding Future Internet research as part of more 90 research projects with a combined budget of circa 300 million Euros. Austrian IT research activities need to focus more strongly on Future Internet topics, both to become more competitive in acquiring European funding and to ensure that Austrian research remains relevant and cost-effective in a fast moving ICT landscape. Austrian industry stands to benefit from new solutions that will emerge from future technological developments as well as needs to be prepared for the new challenges that the increasing ubiquity and possible activity on the Internet will bring (handling new scales of data, creating new business models). Critically, Austria must go ahead in the game in today‟s globalised world where the Internet in particular is breaking down national and political boundaries. Also, networking both researchers and professionals around the Future Internet will be vital to ensure that both research activities and technology transfer to industry can prove to be effective and high impact. There is new commercialization potential in the Future Internet which Austrian entrepreneurs and new start-up companies can exploit, with the help of business idea evaluation and mentoring. As a result, we propose the formation of a Future Internet Austria Community which will bring together research and industry within Austria and provide several tools for building this community in terms of expertise, knowledge transfer, collaboration and outreach:  Austrian and international state of the art ¿review¿  Future Internet roadmapping and trendscouting  Future Internet community building through online communication and face-to-face MeetUps  Future Internet networking at conference events and research-industry workshops  Austrian SeedCamp for innovation within the Future Internet  Austrian Future Internet presence at European and international level






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