Access to Internet - Problems and Optimization Approaches

15.10.2009 - 31.05.2010
The rapid transformation of the Internet into a commercial infrastructure, and the introduction of new applications including high definition television (HDTV), video on demand (VoD), three dimensional television (3DTV) or real-time communication (for instance VoIP), has launched new challenges regarding the requirements on available network capacities and service quality. In this context, delivering high end-to-end data speeds is a common problem of access networks (access bottleneck). The introduction of optical architectures and technologies such as fiber to the home (FTTH) represents a solution for resolving the access bottleneck, enabling data rates of 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s or even 1 Gbit/s. Many network providers worldwide recently invest in deployment of FTTx access technologies. Nevertheless, even if FTTx access technologies are available, the end user is not always provided with the highest reachable access rate (for example 100 Mbit/s) available resources in most access architectures are massively shared in order to cope with the sporadic usage per customer. This is a design principle commonly applied for telecom networks. Serious planning grants sufficient performance per customer, and service level agreements clearly outline the liabilities. Consequently, the performance of end-to-end Internet connectivity, which to some extent resembles the experienced quality of an Internet service, is influenced by many other factors beside the performance of the access network to which the end user is connected. This project is focused on identifying and evaluating the issues that have an impact on the service quality degradation experienced by end users when high-speed access is introduced. These factors will be identified, described and presented in the report. Based on the identified challenges concerning the access to Internet services, this project will furthermore evaluate possible solutions that a network or service provider could implement in order to optimize the service quality. Products advertised by some vendors to solve the found issues will be roughly analyzed (based on the material publicly available) and assigned to the resolution strategies.






  • A1 Telekom Austria AG


Zugang zum InternetAccess to Internet
QualitätsmanagementQuality management
OptimierungslösungenOptimization solutions