Spatially resolved atom fluorescence imaging

01.08.2009 - 31.07.2011
This proposal concerns the implementation of a single atom detector based on the detection of fluorescence photons scattered by atoms when crossing a thin sheet of light during time of flight. Using an EMCCD camera to record the fluorescence signal such system will be used to resolve the position of single atoms for sufficiently low dense clouds. The experimental environment will be the atom chip, a technology which allows the trapping of cold atoms near a surface. After a full characterization of the proposed detection scheme two main investigations will be carried out. First we will study the behaviour of the second order correlation function of freely expanding Bose gases near quantum degeneracy. Taking advantage of the various trap geometries that can be achieved using the atom chip, different regime will be studied. Then using RF induced double potential we will create phase cat states and investigate their properties in the context of matter wave interferometry. These two investigations take advantage of the newly designed light sheet fluorescence imaging. The Schmiedmayer research group is an ideal environment in which to carry out this research due to its worldwide-renowned reputation in ultracold gases on atom chips and its new state-of-the-art laboratories at the Atominstitut der Österreichischen Universitäten. This project is also a good opportunity for the fellow to further develop his scientific knowledge in the cold atoms domain.






  • European Commission (EU) RP7 III. MENSCHEN (Marie Curie Maßnahmen) 7.Rahmenprogramm für Forschung Europäische Kommission - Rahmenprogamme Europäische Kommission Ausschreibungskennung FP7-People-IEF-2008 Antragsnummer 236702


  • Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies


Spatially resolved atom Spatially resolved atom
fluorescence imagingfluorescence imaging