Advanced Barrier-free Browser Accessibility

01.02.2009 - 31.03.2011
ABBA develops methodologies for understanding Web pages and Web applications to repackage their structure, content, and interaction methods to make them accessible for disabled persons. In particular, the system enriches the blind or partially sighted user's web experience and enables them to find information more efficiently. A web page is represented in a formal multi-axial semantic model; the different axes offer means to reason on the document by topological, structural, layout, functional, interactional, content, genre and saliency properties. As well as the conventional methods of navigating the output, the user is presented with a wide variety of additional semantic information, enabling them to skip to the relevant part of the web site, This informatin comprises: - Layout Semantics. Techniques form the document understanding community will be used to recognize the structure, topology and layout. - Content Semantics: Processes a sighted user often uses, such as skim-reading techniques to find relevant conten, will be made available for blind and partially sighted users. - Interaction Semantics: Techniques for understanding complex Web 2.0 interaction semantics and widgets will be developed and interaction means offered to disabled users. Additionally, these techniques capture the genre and design patterns used, which allows us to understand the typical tasks and user intentions that are possible on particular web pages (e.g. buying an item). Furthermore, within the project scope, a prototype implementing the developed techniques and offering sample output formats will be implemented.






  • FFG - Österr. Forschungsförderungs- gesellschaft mbH (National) Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG)


  • Information and Communication Technology


web accessibilityweb accessibility
Webdatenextraktionweb information extraction
Dokumentanalysedocument analysis
blinde und seheingeschränkte Nutzerblind and partial sighted user

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