Analysis, processing and representation of multi-dimensional spatially distributed data

01.08.2008 - 31.10.2009
Recent progress in image-based methods and tools for the 3D reconstruction of complex shaped objects generates the background for creating and applying 3D models for various purposes. With the help of 3D models new scientific and applied problems could be solved. To manage 3D data a variety of methods for data processing, analysis and representation has to be developed and introduced into practice. Austrian and Russian scientific groups work since years on the 3D modelling and have published high level results in this field. This meeting and dialogue would give the unique chance to survey recent achievements in methods and modelling systems of both sides, to discuss the main issues and identify problems which require further research efforts. The focus of the seminar is on new methods and achievements in multidimensional data processing and analysis and possible applications in various fields. The theme of the seminar is timewise actual and scientifically relevant, because the demand for spatial data processing and presentation has grown dramatically over the last several years.





  • FWF, Der Wissenschaftsfonds


  • Information and Communication Technology


spatial data processingspatial data presentation
spatial data acquisitionscientific visualization
virtual realityvisual computing