Semantic Market Monitoring

01.02.2008 - 31.12.2011
The objective of SEMAMO is to make use of the increasingly growing information available at Web-based sales and marketing channels for market research, using semi automatic ana¬lyses and semantic domain models, where the domain model guides the statistical proc¬essing flow and the statistical results feed back to the domain model - enabling learning of the system. With such an intelligent integration (needing also research in the respective disciplines) SEMAMO delivers a business analysis tools far beyond current state of the art. The assumption is that the Web may serve as a ¿picture¿ of the reality and that the respec¬tive online channels map market developments in terms of product descriptions, distribution, promotions, and price developments; and this accurately and in a timely manner. SEMAMO aims at building a technological framework that allows the automatic capturing of market information and the semi-automatic analysis of these data for market research and benchmarking. To automate this process, online data harvesting, semantic domain modeling, and semantically guided (i.e., domain specific) analysis and reporting technologies are integrated. This framework will be tested in the area of tourism, but can be easily transfered to other sector due to the underlying domain model. More specifically, SEMAMO aims at ¿ building a metadata model that captures the required semantics to enable the interpretation of the market data according to application needs; ¿ sampling of data from Web sources: this will include the learning of properties of the data sources (such as data change frequency) in order to guide the samplig process as well as to update the domain model, making the entire system adaptive; ¿ developing an ontology-driven strategy for cleansing of data; and ¿ developing semantic annotation and analysis methods for product as well as market data.






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