Scaling Problems of Essentional Work of Fracture in Polymer Testing

01.08.2006 - 31.12.2011
The project deals with the Essential Work of Fracture (EWF) concept, especially with the reduction of the dimensions of polymer specimens. The EWF is an alternative for the application of Fracture Mechanics concepts to ductile films. It allows a separation of the total energy of fracture in an essential term, which does reference to the real fracture work, and a non-essential term, relating to the energy dissipation in the surrounding region of fracture process. The method was developed for the characterization of ductile metal sheets. But, in the last years the EWF method is applied to polymer problems in an increasing amount. A couple of articles deal with methodic aspects, i.e. influence of thickness, temperature, test speed, and notching. Dealing with this method is necessary, because in the field of materials development, for example in screening procedures, it is important to reduce the amount of used material for the characterization of properties without the lost of basic informations about the new materials. The aims of the project are of basic and of application oriented interest. To a high degree it is a methodic work for determining the geometry limits without loosing information, that means comparability of determined EWF values with that from the standard geometries. Additionally information about the deformation and toughness behaviour of the investigated materials can be recieved. The project results in an advantage in the field of polymer development, because it can help to reduce the amount of material which is needed for property characterization in the early stages of development.






  • Materials and Matter


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