Bodenreinigung für professionelle Anwendungen

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2017

Industrial, commercial, civil and service premises, such as supermarkets and airports have huge floor surfaces to be cleaned daily and infra-daily. These activities are time demanding in terms of human repetitive activities and take place at sundry times, not necessarily covering a work-shift duration; this depends on the kind of premise and available time slots as well as on the type of organisation. The floor washing activities are favourably suited for robotization.
Currently it does not exists a robot that satisfies the requirements of the professional users and cleaning services companies. Floor washing tasks are demanding under many aspects: autonomy of operation, navigation precision, safety with regards to humans and goods, interaction with the human cleaning personnel, cleaning operations on demand during opening hours, presence of multiple robots at the same time in the same building, optimization of paths, easy set-up of path and duties without reprogramming.
The project FLOBOT addresses these problems, integrating existing solutions and knowledge of the partners to produce a professional floor washing robot for wide area of industrial, civil and commercial premises. The work that will be caried out on production prototypes will be at TRL8. The FLOBOT project derives requirements from professional users and implements four use case validations in real world operational environments: Supermarkets, Airport, Civil Buildings







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