COSIMO: Collaborative Configuration Systems Integration and Modeling

01.01.2014 - 31.03.2016

The goal of the project COSIMO is to build up a portfolio configurator platform for leveraging tool integration for railway automation systems and, in general, for production systems at Siemens. The core of this framework comprehensively bases on model-driven concepts and semantic system's techniques.

COSIMO stretches over three unique but highly interwoven research goals:

- First, support roundtripable and reusable model exchange among heterogeneous engineering for using tool metamodels and tool adapters with model transformations.

- Second, facilitate consistent collaborative modeling between teams in a non-intrusive way, by model virtualization mechanisms together with redundancy and detection mechanisms that are based on specialized model management operators.

 - Third, enable guided reconfiguration of evolving component versions across tool boundaries to ensure compatibility of component versions and validity of configurations, by explicitly representing component versions and providing proper reasoning mechanisms and reconfiguration languages.







  • Wirtschaftsagentur Wien (National) Wirtschaftsagentur Wien (WAW) Fördergeber Typ Bundesland Wien Ausschreibungskennung IKT Wien 2013


  • Information and Communication Technology

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