Service aspects in IMS (SIMS)

01.01.2005 - 30.09.2006
IMS, the IP multimedia subsystem, is an overlay network on top of the 3G networks and is based on SIP technology. Although the services can be realized without IMS as well, IMS introduces a uniform and integrated way to deal with: - access of services in roaming situations - flexible charging (circuit switched, IP, time based, volume based, application based, prepaid and postpaid, splitting between operators) - quality of service provisioning - integration of services With the Motto, "IMS is not only SIP", the SIMS project will show that coexistence of different service platforms (Parlay-X/OSA, SIP, SLEE/JAIN, J2EE) is necessary for the realization of the intended complex service scenarios. Furthermore, the existence of CS voice communications for several years after IMS introduction will increase the complexity of building integrated services. SIMS topics are: - Analysis and simulation of the presence always-on service especially under traffic and performance consideration - Roaming scenarios, solutions for accessing local services (in visited network) - The service control layer: requirements, architecture, technologies, realization - Service composition: horizontal and vertical service composition, solutions to concrete scenarios involving: instant messaging and chat, presence, Push to talk, gaming and CS voice calls, charging






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IMS IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
LBSLocation Based Services
SIP PresenceSIP Presence

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