Sustainability Planning for Asian Cities making use of Research, know-how and Lessons from Europe - SPARKLE

01.11.2004 - 31.08.2009
a) The Project objectives The overall objective of the project is to ¿promote and transfer knowledge to the countries of South East Asia on the process of developing sustainable urban land use and transport policies, and to provide technical training to local planners and decision makers on how to use scientific and logical approaches to formulate a sustainable land use and transport policy¿. b) Brief Keyword Description of the main Activities There will be a First Seminar in Bangkok to disseminate results of relevant EU research projects on principles and approaches towards sustainable land use and transport planning. Eight training courses for government planners will be subsequently provided on how to put these into practice. Preparation of materials for these courses will include the building of strategic planning models for two Asian cities. There will be Second Seminar in Hanoi to provide feedback from participants in the training courses about the relevance of the approaches to Asia. There will be ongoing dissemination about the project throughout its lifetime.





  • European Commission (EU) Sonstige EU-Forschungsinitiative Europäische Kommission Ausschreibungskennung Asia Eco Pro Programme


  • Energy and Environment


decision making support toolsdecision making support tools

Externe Partner_innen

  • National Transport Committee, Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction ¿ Laos
  • Transport Development and Strategy Institute - Vietnam
  • Faculty of Engineering, Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand
  • University of Leeds
  • Ministry of Public Works & Transport, Department of Planning ¿ Cambodia
  • Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University - Thailand
  • Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University - Thailand