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01.06.2019 - 30.11.2022

The main aim and the overall objective of the project is to build European Nuclear Experimental Educational Platform (ENEEP) which will fulfill needs of European users in order to significantly enhance their experimental education and handson activities in nuclear curricula, particularly in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection. The ENEEP will be established as an open platform for any European university or European research institute that are actively involved in experimental nuclear education, training and competence building. The ENEEP founding members will be all five partners of this project, i.e. STU, CTU, TU Wien, JSI, and BME. All partners are heavily involved in experimental nuclear education, training and competence building. Four project partners, namely STU, CTU, TU Wien and BME, established in 2003 the Eugene Wigner course which put together three research nuclear reactors and offered experimental reactor courses for master students in nuclear engineering using these reactors. The main goal will be achieved through specific objectives of the project. Each specific objective will be achieved through the implementation of particular or multiple work packages and are strongly interconnected. As a result, the ENEEP will be established as well as education and training capabilities of the ENEEP will be demonstrated. The project will contribute to the expected impacts set out in the work programme, under the relevant topic - NFRP-2018-7: Availability and use of research infrastructures for education, training and competence building. The proposed project will enable the establishment of the ENEEP platform, aimed at becoming the leading European platform offering experimental nuclear education and training activities. Based on the experience from the last years, we expect that the number of students and trainees during five years after the project end will reach up to 1300 persons.





  • European Commission (EU) Komplementäre Forschungsprogramme Euratom Rahmenprogramm Horizont 2020 Europäische Kommission Ausschreibungskennung NFRP-2018 Antragsnummer 847555


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