Microwave Tuning of Atomic Scattering

01.11.2018 - 31.01.2020

The aim of this project is to experimentally demonstrate a new way of tuning the atomic scattering properties of ultracold atoms using microwave (MW) dressing. These microwave-induced Fano-Feshbach resonances have been theoretically predicted in 2010 by Papoular, Shlyapnikov, and Dalibard; an experimental verification of this scheme is still lacking. Our new experimental Cs system at the Atominstitut combines optical dipole trapping of Cs with near-field manipulation provided by atom chips. It is hence ideally suited to test the Papoular/Shlyapnikov/Dalibard-proposal. If successful, this scheme would free the DC magnetic degree of freedom, commonly used in Feshbach tuning, relevant for “trapped clock” schemes; extending it to different spin states and mixtures could open the road for Feshbach tuning of magnetically trappable states.






  • Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW) (National) Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW) Fördergeber Typ Forschungsförderungsinstitutionen Ausschreibungskennung ESQ Discovery


  • Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies