Austrian Data Cube: An EODC service for the Austrian EO user community

01.06.2018 - 31.01.2020
The Austrian Data Cube (ACube) project aims at developing a proof-of-concept for a data cube system for Austria with the goal to remove technological barriers for the use of Copernicus data in Austria. The ACube shall consist of a time series of highly standardized and harmonized radiometrically and geometrically corrected Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data provided in a data cube defined by the Austrian user needs. The way the data is prepared, e.g. the selected coordinate frame, the digital terrain model for geo-referencing, Sentinel post-processing procedures, and further relevant geodata, will be chosen such as to best meet the requirements of a diverse Austrian user community. The test system will be designed so that users can (1) directly access the data cube via a Web Map Service (WMS), offering thereby the potential for a straightforward integration into existing own workflows or (2) the user can use the ACube directly on the EODC cloud infrastructure. The development will be guided by a series of user workshops that will ensure optimum uptake of their requirements during initial conception and test implementation.






  • Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG) (Nationale Förderung) Förderschiene Österreichisches Weltraumprogramm Förderprogramm Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG) Fördergeber Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft Reichweite Nationale Förderung Projekttyp Forschungsförderungsprojekt


  • Energy and Environment


Data cubeData cube
DatenaufbereitungData preparation
NutzeranforderungenUser needs

Externe Partner_innen

  • EODC Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resources Monitoring GmbH
  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU)
  • Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport (BMLVS)
  • Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umewelt und Wasserwirtschaft