In the recent years, we have started in the FWF project P26471 work on streaming reasoning. In the course of this, we also organized a workshop on Stream Reasoning 2015 in Vienna, and we co-organize another edition of it in Berlin 2016; this found broad interest, and we have started national and international collaborations.

In continuation and in a transition phase to planned joined national and international projects, we continue the work on Stream reasoning, which aims at further positioning TU Wien as a place for foundational aspects of stream reasoning and to further develop and extend the results of the FWF project; in particular to the LARS formalism [2] and extensions thereof.

Specifically, project collaborations with partners from Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt, TU Berlin/ Fraunhofer Institute Germany, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will be continued, and joint publications (some of which are under way) will be targeted, as well as project applications for long term funding.





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RDF stream processingRDF stream processing
CQELS engineCQELS engine
stream reasoningstream reasoning
SPARQL-like languageSPARQL-like language