230.032 Road design and construction
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2021S, VO, 4.0h, 5.0EC


  • Semester hours: 4.0
  • Credits: 5.0
  • Type: VO Lecture
  • Format: Distance Learning

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to

  • explain the essential historical corner stones in the development of road engineering
  • explain the planning principles, the planning process and the design principles of roads
  • explicate the principles of the alignment and geometric road design and apply them in small projects
  • design and compute road alignments and gradients
  • describe principles, methods and simple systems of road drainage and demonstrate them on specific examples
  • describe design criteria and planning principles of road intersections and in particular to represent the design of at-grade junctions
  • define the characteristics, applications and requirements of the most important road building materials (soil, rock, bitumen, asphalt, concrete)
  • explain the structure of the road construction, the essential requirements of the subgrade as well as various layers of the pavement
  • describe construction basics and construction methods of asphalt, concrete & block pavements
  • explain the principles of road pavement design and to apply them in specific design examples
  • specify the principles and organization of road operation and road maintenance
  • explain the methods of condition survey and asset management of the road infrastructure

Subject of course

  1. Indroduction in road engineering
  2. Principles of road planning & road design
  3. Alignment and geometric road design
  4. Road materials & pavement construction
  5. Road maintenance and road asset management

Teaching methods

  • Lecturing and explanation on basis of specific examples
  • Computation and drawing exercises (5 units)

Mode of examination


Additional information

Sollte aufgrund von Vorgaben der Bundesregierung bzw. der TU Wien die Abhaltung der Lehrveranstaltung und der Prüfung bzw. der Teilleistungen in Präsenz nicht möglich sein, wird in das online-Format gewechselt. Durch den Wechsel in das online-Format können sich die für die Präsenzlehrveranstaltung und -prüfung (-teilleistungen) angekündigten Termine ändern. Bei einem Wechsel ins online-Format gelten folgende Methoden und Modi:


Methode bei Wechsel ins online-Format:

Die Vorlesung wird über zoom im TUWEL abgehalten. Die Prüfung wird bis auf weiteres schriftlich und online abgehalten. Eine detaillierte Anleitung für die Prüfung finden Sie hier: https://owncloud.tuwien.ac.at/index.php/s/AiAXshANGl8xbfG


Beurteilungsschema bei der online-Prüfung:

Die Beurteilung und die Punktevergabe bleib unverändert.



Course dates

Wed09:00 - 12:0003.03.2021 - 19.05.2021 online - TUWEL/Zoom (LIVE)Vorlesung
Mon10:00 - 12:0012.04.2021 online - TUWEL/Zoom (LIVE)Übung
Mon10:00 - 12:0026.04.2021 online - TUWEL/Zoom (LIVE)Übung
Mon10:00 - 12:0003.05.2021 online - TUWEL/Zoom (LIVE)Übung
Mon10:00 - 12:0010.05.2021 online - TUWEL/Zoom (LIVE)Übung
Mon10:00 - 12:0017.05.2021 online - TUWEL/Zoom (LIVE)Übung
Mon10:00 - 12:0031.05.2021 (LIVE)Übung
Road design and construction - Single appointments
Wed03.03.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Wed10.03.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Wed17.03.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Wed24.03.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Mon12.04.202110:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomÜbung
Wed14.04.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Wed21.04.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Mon26.04.202110:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomÜbung
Wed28.04.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Mon03.05.202110:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomÜbung
Wed05.05.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Mon10.05.202110:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomÜbung
Wed12.05.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Mon17.05.202110:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomÜbung
Wed19.05.202109:00 - 12:00 online - TUWEL/ZoomVorlesung
Mon31.05.202110:00 - 12:00 Übung

Examination modalities

The exam will be held in written form online. A detailled how-to for the exam can be found here: https://owncloud.tuwien.ac.at/index.php/s/AiAXshANGl8xbfG

What do you need: A notebook (no further screen), webcam, internet access, some sheets of white paper A4, well readable pens for writing and drawing, calculator (non programmable, no smartphone), student ID card, possibility to scan (scanner, smartphone with suitable software), printer or second device/webcm

The exam is carried out via TUWEL/Zoom. A link to the zoom meeting will be sent out to the candidates in due time before the exam. Please be online 10 min prior to the start of the exam. Prepare your work space as follows: Notebook + Webcam, some sheets of white paper A4, pens, calculator, student ID card. If you use a smartphone for scanning, it can be on your work space but unless you use it for scanning at the end of the exam, the screen must face down. The Notebook and webcam must be a certain distance apart, so that it shows an overview of your work space and the room. Try the setup out before the exam.

Your webcam is actived and your microphone is deactived during the entire exam. When the exam starts you can download the exam via TUWEL as a pdf. Print out the exam. If you do not have a printer, use a second device with a screen to read the questions and tasks. For the calculation task a formulary is given with the exam in the pdf. The calculator is only needed for this calculation task.

Please make sure you have your student ID ready for checking your identity and scanning it on the first page of your exam.

To answer the questions, only use the sheets of paper in front of you. Write your name, student ID and page numbering on each sheet.

The end of the exam time will be announced a couple of minutes by the supervisor. When the exam time ends, please put your pen aside. Now, you have 15 minutes, to scan your exam. If you use your smartphone to scan, convert to pdf etc., please make sure you know how to handle a suitable software before the exam. Upload your exam as a pdf (1 file) on TUWEL. During this time, your webcam is still active.

The exam will be recorded.

The supervisor can ask you to share your screen or turn your webcam at any time.


Written examinaton with two parts

1. part: theoretical questions (1h + 15 min for scanning and uploading)

2. part: computational & drawing tasks (2h + 15 min for scanning and uploading)

Both parts of the examination must be graded positively in order to complete the LVA in a positive way.


DayTimeDateRoomMode of examinationApplication timeApplication modeExam
Tue13:00 - 17:0019.10.2021HS O221 - UIW written15.08.2021 15:00 - 15.10.2021 15:00TISSPräsenzprüfung
Tue13:00 - 17:0023.11.2021HS O221 - UIW written15.08.2021 15:00 - 19.11.2021 15:00TISSPräsenzprüfung
Tue13:00 - 17:0001.02.2022 onlinewritten15.08.2021 15:00 - 27.01.2022 15:00TISSOnline-Prüfung: 01.02.2022, 13:00-17:00 Uhr

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
04.01.2021 12:00 03.03.2021 16:00 03.03.2021 15:00


Study CodeSemesterPrecon.Info
033 265 Civil Engineering 4. SemesterSTEOP
Course requires the completion of the introductory and orientation phase


No lecture notes are available.

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