194.065 Selected Topics of Digital Forensics I Canceled
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2023S, VU, 2.0h, 3.0EC
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  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VU Lecture and Exercise
  • Format: Presence

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to understand basics of digital forensics. Students have learned why and how digital forensics or forensic methods are used and know critical aspects of forensics. In addition, students have learned different areas of application of forensics, especially in real world projects, as well as the various important facets of these areas. By the end of the semester, students will know how forensics can be used to achieve a high level of IT security.

If you have any questions, please contact [lva.security@inso.tuwien.ac.at]

Subject of course

Foundations of digital forensics, fingerprinting of software and hardware, forensic in different application fields (e.g., memory and storage dumps, images and  videos), incident reconstruction, honeypots and event monitoring, mobile forensics, IOT forensics, anti-forensics.

Teaching methods

Selected Topics of Digital Forensics I is a lecture with exercises which imparts selected topics of digital forensics. Based on forensic and legal fundamentals, different fields of application and methods of digital forensics are introduced and discussed. In order to demonstrate the applicability and challenges of digital forensics in the field, external guest lecturers from the industry are invited. In the exercises, which are largely accomplished in teams, students extend and deepen knowledge of the lecture.

Mode of examination


Additional information


  • Preliminary talk: 1 h
  • Lectures: 12.5 h
  • Self Study (Exercises, Preparation Time for Written Exam): 60 h
  • Written Exam: 1.5 h

**Total: 75 hours (3 ECTS)**




Course dates

Thu16:00 - 18:0002.03.2023 - 25.05.2023Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Selected Topics of Digital Forensics I - Single appointments
Thu02.03.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu09.03.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu16.03.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu23.03.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu30.03.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu20.04.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu27.04.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu04.05.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu11.05.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065
Thu25.05.202316:00 - 18:00Sem.R. DB gelb 05 A 194065

Examination modalities

The evaluation consists of the results of the exercises and the written exam.


DayTimeDateRoomMode of examinationApplication timeApplication modeExam
Thu16:00 - 18:0015.06.2023FH Hörsaal 7 - GEO written15.05.2023 00:00 - 13.06.2023 23:55TISSHaupttermin

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
11.02.2023 08:00 30.03.2023 23:55 30.03.2023 23:55



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