195.013 Research and Career Planning for Doctoral Students
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in allen zugeordneten Curricula Teil der STEOP.
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in mindestens einem zugeordneten Curriculum Teil der STEOP.

2014W, SE, 2.0h, 3.0EC


  • Semesterwochenstunden: 2.0
  • ECTS: 3.0
  • Typ: SE Seminar

Ziele der Lehrveranstaltung

To be announced

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung


This course covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Methodological issues of Computer Science Research
  • Models of Research Organization
  • The structure of the CS Scientific Community
  • Communicating with peer scientists
  • Codes of conduct and ethics
  • Web resources for Computer Scientists
  • Models of Industrial Co-operations
  • Patents and patent intellectual property
  • The scientific publishing process
  • How to plan research
  • How to write a scientific paper
  • Presentation of results in talks and at conferences
  • Quality criteria and evaluation models in Science
  • How to choose a conference and a journal
  • How you will be evaluated in the future
  • Models of funding - Organization, structure, and management of scientific projects
  • Scientific visits and co-operations
  • Where to apply for a postdoctoral position
  • Career models for Computer Scientists
  • and much more...

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This is fundamental course of Vienna PhD School of Informatics.

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