384.146 Smart Grids
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2018W, VO, 2.0h, 3.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VO Lecture

Aim of course

The lecture smart grids is aimed at electrical engineers in the branch of study computer and energy technic. Target will be the conveying of interdisciplinary methodological knowledge around the cross section between energy and information technology. Issues arising from the energy transition and resulting technical challenges for the power grid are challenges of great social relevance for upcoming future smart grids. The current rapid technological developments in this area already showed a great demand of professionals in the economy as well as in research.

For students with branch of study computer engineering:
These lecture can be combined with the lecture "384.999 Next Generation Air Traffic Management Systems" as alternative to the course "Web-Engineering (184.229)".

Subject of course

  • Smart Grids Overview
  • System operation and management of future electricity networks
  • Connection of electric vehicles to smart grids
  • Virtual power plants for economic and technical network optimization
  • Communications infrastructure for smart grids


Additional information

The lecture slides will be uploaded after each lecture. They only will become visible, after you registered for an exam date.



Course dates

Wed13:00 - 15:0003.10.2018 - 23.01.2019EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO
Wed13:00 - 15:0007.11.2018 - 19.12.2018Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Wed15:00 - 17:0009.01.2019Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Smart Grids - Single appointments
Wed03.10.201813:00 - 15:00EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO
Wed10.10.201813:00 - 15:00EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO
Wed17.10.201813:00 - 15:00EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO
Wed24.10.201813:00 - 15:00EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO
Wed31.10.201813:00 - 15:00EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO: Smart Grid Konzepte und Netztopologien
Wed07.11.201813:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Wed14.11.201813:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Wed21.11.201813:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Wed28.11.201813:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO: Markets, price and data – enabling smart grids. A Nordic/Baltic example
Wed05.12.201813:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Wed12.12.201813:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Wed19.12.201813:00 - 15:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grid VO: Netzbetriebsführung - Regelung dezentraler Erzeuger, Speicher und Lasten
Wed09.01.201915:00 - 17:00Seminarraum 384 Smart Grids VO
Wed16.01.201913:00 - 15:00EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO
Wed23.01.201913:00 - 15:00EI 1 Petritsch HS Smart Grid VO Prüfungsvorbereitung/Reservetermin

Examination modalities

All exams are in written form and in German language, but you can answer in English. You are not allowed to use documentation (e.g. printouts, books, etc.) or electronic devices (e.g. laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

You may use a classic dictionary (e.g. English-German, German-English, etc.) if you need one. Please be aware of the fact, that it has to be in hard copy! Dictionary apps on smartphones, tablets etc. are not allowed (see above).


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