362.164 Nanoscale microwave imaging for biotechnology and semiconductor device analysis
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2017W, VO, 1.0h, 1.5EC, to be held in blocked form


  • Semester hours: 1.0
  • Credits: 1.5
  • Type: VO Lecture

Aim of course

Novel nanoscale microscopy methods have been developed recently and will be reviewed in this lecture, in particularly scanning probe microscopy (aka as atomic force microscopy, AFM) used in semiconductor and bio applications. Focus will be given to high-frequency GHz-AFM for physics, semiconductor materials, and bio-capacitance measurements of cells and bacteria. Eventually this lecture gives insights how semiconductor company failure analysis labs are using the new AFM methods for device investigations, how new 2D functional materials physical properties are studied with AFM, and how the new GHz-AFM methods give novel insights into cells and bacterial. This new microscope technology combines advanced nanotechnology imaging with microwave electronics and 3D modeling, for the study of advanced materials and for the first time also to bio-molecules and cells in living condition. 

Subject of course

  • Nanoscale microscopy overview of various technologies
  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM): basics and applications
  • New GHz-AFM: basic technology overview including hardware and RF models



Course dates

10:00 - 12:0027.11.2017 - 01.12.2017Seminarraum 362/1 Mikrowellenmikroskopie - Blocktermin
Nanoscale microwave imaging for biotechnology and semiconductor device analysis - Single appointments
Mon27.11.201710:00 - 12:00Seminarraum 362/1 Mikrowellenmikroskopie - Blocktermin
Tue28.11.201710:00 - 12:00Seminarraum 362/1 Mikrowellenmikroskopie - Blocktermin
Wed29.11.201710:00 - 12:00Seminarraum 362/1 Mikrowellenmikroskopie - Blocktermin
Thu30.11.201710:00 - 12:00Seminarraum 362/1 Mikrowellenmikroskopie - Blocktermin
Fri01.12.201710:00 - 12:00Seminarraum 362/1 Mikrowellenmikroskopie - Blocktermin
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066 453 Biomedical Engineering Elective


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