318.001 Autonomous, Mobile Robots
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This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2023S, VO, 2.0h, 3.0EC, to be held in blocked form


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VO Lecture
  • Format: Presence

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to have an overview on autonomous mobile robots including humanoid robots. Furthermore they should be able to appraise the application possibilities....


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Subject of course

Since some years a new generation of robots for new fields of applications is established. Examples are medicine and rehabilitation, civil engineering, agriculture. These intelligent, mobile robots will be used for technical as well as non technical applications in the future. Contents: Main components (mechanical construction, drives, motion mechanisms - wheels, chains, ..., power supply, sensors, "on board" computer, human machine interface (HMI), cooperation, MAS (robot swarms). Finally humanoid robots and latest developments e.g. ubiquitous, bioinspired, nano- and femto, cooperative, collaborative and cloud robots are described and discussed

Teaching methods

Lecture with videos and demonstrations.

Mode of examination




Course dates

Wed17:00 - 21:0022.03.2023FAV Hörsaal 1 Helmut Veith - INF 318.001: Autonome, Mobile Roboter
Thu17:00 - 21:0030.03.2023FAV Hörsaal 1 Helmut Veith - INF 318.001: Autonome, Mobile Roboter
Wed17:00 - 21:0019.04.2023FAV Hörsaal 1 Helmut Veith - INF 318.001: Autonome, Mobile Roboter
Wed17:00 - 21:0003.05.2023FAV Hörsaal 1 Helmut Veith - INF 318.001: Autonome, Mobile Roboter
Course is held blocked

Examination modalities

Participation, written exam.


DayTimeDateRoomMode of examinationApplication timeApplication modeExam
Wed19:00 - 20:0013.12.2023FAV Hörsaal 1 Helmut Veith - INF written01.11.2023 00:00 - 12.12.2023 23:59TISS318.001 Autonome, Mobile Roboter
Wed19:00 - 20:0024.01.2024FAV Hörsaal 1 Helmut Veith - INF written01.01.2024 00:00 - 23.01.2024 23:59TISS318.001 Autonome, Mobile Roboter

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
13.02.2023 00:00 24.06.2023 12:00 24.06.2023 10:00

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700 Mechanical Engineering Mandatory elective


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