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307.434 Continuous Handling Equipments
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2019S, VO, 1.5h, 2.0EC


  • Semester hours: 1.5
  • Credits: 2.0
  • Type: VO Lecture

Aim of course

  • Intended to impart the ability in the field of plant construction to plan continuous mechanical handling equipment within complex plants in compliance with function and performance specifications, as well as to work on the design and further development of continuous mechanical handling equipment. It should also be possible to extrapolate know-how and understanding of the function of the most important structural types as well as the many application-oriented special designs.

Subject of course

Fudamentals of Bulk Solids Mechanics

Fundamentals of Screw Conveyors

Calculation Rules of Screw Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Vibration Conveyors




Course dates

Fri13:00 - 16:0008.03.2019Seminarraum BD 03 Vorbesprechung
Fri11:00 - 14:0029.03.2019 - 10.05.2019Seminarraum BD 03 VO
Continuous Handling Equipments - Single appointments
Fri08.03.201913:00 - 16:00Seminarraum BD 03 Vorbesprechung
Fri29.03.201911:00 - 14:00Seminarraum BD 03 VO
Fri05.04.201911:00 - 14:00Seminarraum BD 03 VO
Fri12.04.201911:00 - 14:00Seminarraum BD 03 VO
Fri10.05.201911:00 - 14:00Seminarraum BD 03 VO

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
30.01.2019 08:00 15.03.2019 08:00 15.03.2019 08:00


Study CodeSemesterPrecon.Info
066 445 Mechanical Engineering STEOP
Course requires the completion of the introductory and orientation phase
066 473 Chemical and Process Engineering
066 482 Mechanical Engineering - Management STEOP
Course requires the completion of the introductory and orientation phase


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Previous knowledge

Grundlagen der Mechanik und Festigkeitslehre