280.780 Spatial Analysis with GIS
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2021W, VU, 2.5h, 3.0EC
Lecture TubeTUWEL


  • Semester hours: 2.5
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VU Lecture and Exercise
  • LectureTube course
  • Format: Hybrid

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...

... understand principles of geographical information processing,
... individually implement elementary "GIS projects" using their analytical "user knowledge" (in contrast to GIS "expert knowledge"),
... apply theoretical basics and practical skills in the context of space-related examples,
... deal with method-related subjects and apply this knowledge by using a widely-used commercial GIS product,
... name, understand and discuss relevant fundamentals, applications, data structures and models, data acquisition and integration, analytical methods.

Subject of course

The students will acquire knowledge of the basic functions and get an overview of the technical potentials of geo-information software (GIS) -  by means of examples that are related to planning issues and are practice-oriented. Additional theory blocks round off the course. The contents range from simple data visualization to modeling of spatially based analysis from multi-criteria suitability tests.

The course is devided in different formats. The implementation process will be iterative:

  • Tutorial / Tutorium: 
    develop know-how/skills related to specific analytical tasks and software tools - in the context of a supervised exercise unit. With the assistance of tutorials, videos and tutors.

  • Theory: 
    In addition, relevant basic terms and theoretical concepts are presented in short lecture units. The units take place in lecture halls and are streamed via LectureTube.

  • Exercise
    solve space-related analytical problems individually and by means of the skills acquired in the tutorium-section.

  • Q&A:
    Opportunity to address/ask open questions, discuss approaches and get answers in smaller groups.
  • Valuation of exercise & feedback:
    submitted maps and calculations are assessed, individual feedback is provided via TUWEL. Feedback sessions provide the opportunity to discuss examples of the cartographic outputs. (mandatory presence!)

  • Performance review: 
    Two tests with practice- and theory-related questions

Teaching methods

  • individual training of new content via tutorials, videos and the support of tutors
  • Solving practice-oriented tasks individually or in teams of 2 persons
  • Discussion of results in the plenum
  • compact theory lectures - supplementing the skill-oriented content of each unit

Mode of examination


Additional information

 ArcGIS Pro, which is widespread in practice, provides a wide range of analytical tools as well as modeling functions. The "EDV-Labor" (practice rooms) provide access to the software for all students. Every participating student can apply for an annual license (at the cost of 3 Euro) for using the software on their own Notebooks via TU.it: http://www.sss.tuwien.ac.at/sss/agi/

Detailed information will be presented during the kick-off session.




Course dates

Fri13:15 - 14:1501.10.2021 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Vorbesprechung
Wed13:00 - 15:0006.10.2021GM 1 Audi. Max.- ARCH-INF (LIVE)Theorie-Einheit 1 (Beginn c..t.)
Wed15:00 - 19:0006.10.2021GM 4 Knoller Hörsaal - VT Tutorium 1
Wed15:00 - 19:0006.10.2021PC7 Tutorium 1
Wed13:00 - 14:0013.10.2021 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Feedback Ü0 (Beginn c..t.) - Anwesenheitspflicht!
Wed15:00 - 19:0013.10.2021Seminarraum EBU1-2 Q&A Ü1 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed15:00 - 19:0013.10.2021PC7 Q&A Ü1 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed15:00 - 19:0013.10.2021Seminarraum EBU1-1 Q&A Ü1 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed13:00 - 15:0020.10.2021GM 5 Praktikum HS- TCH (LIVE)Theorie-Einheit 2 (Beginn c..t.)
Wed15:00 - 19:0020.10.2021Seminarraum EBEG-2 Tutorium 2
Wed15:00 - 19:0020.10.2021Seminarraum EB EG-1 Tutorium 2
Wed15:00 - 19:0020.10.2021Seminarraum EBEG-3 Tutorium 2
Wed15:00 - 19:0020.10.2021PC7 Tutorium 2
Wed13:00 - 14:0027.10.2021 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Feedback Ü1 (Beginn c..t.) - Anwesenheitspflicht!
Wed15:00 - 19:0027.10.2021Seminarraum EBEG-2 Q&A Ü2 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed15:00 - 19:0027.10.2021Seminarraum EB EG-1 Q&A Ü2 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed15:00 - 19:0027.10.2021PC7 Q&A Ü2 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed13:00 - 15:0003.11.2021EI 8 Pötzl HS - QUER (LIVE)Theorie-Einheit 3 (Beginn c..t.)
Wed15:00 - 19:0003.11.2021PC7 Tutorium 3
Wed15:00 - 19:0003.11.2021Seminarraum EBEG-3 Tutorium 3
Wed15:00 - 19:0003.11.2021Seminarraum EB EG-1 Tutorium 3
Wed15:00 - 19:0003.11.2021Seminarraum EBEG-2 Tutorium 3
Wed13:00 - 14:0010.11.2021 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Feedback Ü2 (Beginn c..t.) - Anwesenheitspflicht!
Wed15:00 - 19:0010.11.2021Hörsaal 15 Q&A Ü3 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed15:00 - 19:0010.11.2021PC7 Q&A Ü3 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed13:00 - 16:0024.11.2021Seminarraum EBEG-3 Q&A Probetest
Wed13:00 - 16:0024.11.2021Seminarraum EB EG-1 Q&A Probetest
Wed13:00 - 16:0024.11.2021Seminarraum EBEG-2 Q&A Probetest
Wed13:00 - 15:0001.12.2021 Zoom (LIVE)Theorie-Einheit 4 (Beginn c..t.)
Wed15:00 - 19:0001.12.2021 Zoom (LIVE)Tutorium 4
Wed15:00 - 19:0001.12.2021 ZoomTutorium 4
Wed15:00 - 19:0001.12.2021 ZoomTutorium 4
Wed15:00 - 19:0001.12.2021 ZoomTutorium 4
Wed13:00 - 14:0015.12.2021 Zoom (LIVE)Feedback Ü3 (Beginn c.t.) - Anwesenheitspflicht!
Wed15:00 - 19:0015.12.2021 ZoomQ&A Ü4 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed15:00 - 19:0015.12.2021 ZoomQ&A Ü4 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed15:00 - 19:0015.12.2021 ZoomQ&A Ü4 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)
Wed13:00 - 15:0012.01.2022 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Theorie-Einheit 5 (Beginn c..t.)
Wed15:00 - 19:0012.01.2022 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Tutorium 5
Wed13:00 - 14:0019.01.2022 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Feedback Ü4 (Beginn c.t.) - Anwesenheitspflicht!
Wed15:00 - 19:0019.01.2022 via ZOOM: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/91379989633?pwd=eGR4MTdRWWdDemRLUVAyVjE1azhhUT09 (LIVE)Q&A Ü5 (Slotanmeldung in TUWEL)

Examination modalities

This course has an immanent mode of examination.

Each of the overall 6 tasks has to be processed individually in groups of max. two persons. The results of the analytical part as well as the cartographic outputs have to be uploaded in TUWEL.

These exercises contribute 30%, each of the tests 35% to the final grade where both of the tests need to be passed. For students with excused absence and those who haven´t scored enough points on one of the two tests, an optional third test is available.

Presence at 4 out of 5 feedback sessions is mandatory.

Detailed assessment criteria will be presented during the kick-off session and will then be available via TISS and TUWEL.

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
01.09.2021 12:00 05.10.2021 20:00 05.10.2021 20:00

Group Registration

GroupRegistration FromTo
Gruppe 1 - Online27.09.2021 16:0008.10.2021 16:00
Gruppe 1 EDV-Labor - 14:45 bis 16:4501.10.2021 14:45
Gruppe 1 Seminarräume - 14:45 bis 16:45 (eigener Laptop notwendig!)01.10.2021 14:45
Gruppe 2 - Präsenz27.09.2021 16:0012.10.2021 16:00
Gruppe 2 EDV-Labor - 17:00 bis 19:0001.10.2021 14:45
Gruppe 2 Seminarräume - 17:00 bis 19:00 (eigener Laptop notwendig!)01.10.2021 14:45


Study CodeSemesterPrecon.Info
033 240 Spatial Planning 3. Semester


No lecture notes are available.

Previous knowledge

Due to the change of the curriculum, participation in WS2021 is possible despite missing cartographic knowledge from the lecture "Angewandte Kartographie mit GIS" (former VU "Thematische Kartographie")!

Preceding courses


  • Attendance Required!