264.103 Design and Gestaltung - Theory

2024S, VO, 1.5h, 1.5EC


  • Semester hours: 1.5
  • Credits: 1.5
  • Type: VO Lecture
  • Format: Presence

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to identify varied relationships between artworks and space, starting from a deep investigation into 20th century art history. They can then critically examine designs, spaces, objects and production processes.


Subject of course

Tracing the origins of the swivel chair: using the example of the office, the lecture aims to make the interactions between design and society, technology, economy and history tangible. The lecture thus provides a theoretical superstructure for the semester topic planned in the Form* Design module. It sheds light on the embedding of design in the cultural and consumer history context. The aim of the course is to critically examine our designed environment.

Teaching methods

Interactive lecture on the subject of office spaces; Collective visits of different work and office environments; Open discussions based on the concepts and designs developed during the semester.


Mode of examination




Examination modalities

  Attendance at lectures; written assignment;

Course registration

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