253.K18 Design Studio - Lust aufs Land
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2023W, UE, 8.0h, 10.0EC


  • Semester hours: 8.0
  • Credits: 10.0
  • Type: UE Exercise
  • Format: Presence

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to competently deal with questions of spatial design in the context of historical buildings, real-life caes and contemporary functional adaptation.
They will be able to design a spatial and functional program and evaluate the respective advantages and disadvantages.
In addition, they will be able to develop design variants in a comprehensible manner and apply the knowledge gained in subsequent projects.

Subject of course

The primary school in Schöngrabern is the starting point for this design programme. This building, consisting of two classrooms and a gymnasium, dates back to the 19th century and will soon no longer be used for its original purpose. For this reason, the possibilities for a subsequent use should already be studied now. In the current consideration, however, the adjoining building should also be used. However, the neighbouring environment should also be intensively included in the current consideration. The neighbouring parish church, which is significant in terms of art history, appears particularly striking and is surrounded by a no less interesting open space. The slightly sloping terrain within the larger ensemble is also noteworthy. Moreover, adjoining properties in the immediate vicinity are also to be actively drawn into the expected development scenarios. The village itself used to suffer intensively from high through-traffic, but this has recently been reduced considerably by a bypass road. Now, within the framework of the design exercise, the aim is to combine utilisation concepts with architectural measures that contribute to a meaningful neighbourhood development. The main objective is to develop a realisable overall concept and a concrete, usable design solution for the site in question. 

Teaching methods

The rather unusual course of work starting with the aspects of design work initiates a multitude of questions and queries. Thus the first stage is dedicated to finding an individual approach to a key topic. Thereafter those aspects in terms of utilization and functions are dealt with in particular which result from the specific way of approaching the project. On a total the experience with spatial design is increased and the use and correlations of colour, light and materials is practiced.

Mode of examination




Course dates

Mon11:00 - 12:0009.10.2023Seminarraum AC 02 - 2 Einführung (nur für Angemeldete!!)
Fri09:00 - 13:0013.10.2023Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Thu09:00 - 12:0019.10.2023 Modalitäten werden via TUWEL bekanntgegbenExkursion Schöngrabern
Fri09:00 - 13:0003.11.2023 - 17.11.2023Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Fri09:00 - 12:0024.11.2023HS 7 Schütte-Lihotzky - ARCH ZWISCHENKRITIK
Fri09:00 - 13:0001.12.2023Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Thu09:00 - 13:0007.12.2023Konferenzraum der Fakultät Architektur und Raumplanung Betreuung
Thu09:00 - 12:0014.12.2023 Siehe TUWEL für ZOOM-LinkBetreuung via ZOOM
Thu09:00 - 10:3021.12.2023 Siehe TUWEL für ZOOM-LinkFragestunde via ZOOM
Fri09:00 - 13:0012.01.2024Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Fri09:00 - 13:0019.01.2024Seminarraum AE U1 - 2 ABGABE
Design Studio - Lust aufs Land - Single appointments
Mon09.10.202311:00 - 12:00Seminarraum AC 02 - 2 Einführung (nur für Angemeldete!!)
Fri13.10.202309:00 - 13:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Thu19.10.202309:00 - 12:00 Modalitäten werden via TUWEL bekanntgegbenExkursion Schöngrabern
Fri03.11.202309:00 - 13:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Fri10.11.202309:00 - 13:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Fri17.11.202309:00 - 13:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Fri24.11.202309:00 - 12:00HS 7 Schütte-Lihotzky - ARCH ZWISCHENKRITIK
Fri01.12.202309:00 - 13:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Thu07.12.202309:00 - 13:00Konferenzraum der Fakultät Architektur und Raumplanung Betreuung
Thu14.12.202309:00 - 12:00 Siehe TUWEL für ZOOM-LinkBetreuung via ZOOM
Thu21.12.202309:00 - 10:30 Siehe TUWEL für ZOOM-LinkFragestunde via ZOOM
Fri12.01.202409:00 - 13:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Betreuung
Fri19.01.202409:00 - 13:00Seminarraum AE U1 - 2 ABGABE

Examination modalities

What is required is the development of a concept for the design assignment. Subsequently, the implementation of the draft on a scale of 1:100 (plan presentation, model building) is to be provided. In addition, characteristic areas are to be represented on a scale of 1:20.



TitleApplication beginApplication end
Entwerfen Master (10 ECTS / 15 ECTS)18.09.2023 09:0025.09.2023 23:59


Study CodeObligationSemesterPrecon.Info
066 443 Architecture Mandatory elective


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