251.920 Design Studio : Installations with Earth and Bamboo in AZW
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2022W, UE, 8.0h, 10.0EC


  • Semester hours: 8.0
  • Credits: 10.0
  • Type: UE Exercise
  • Format: Hybrid

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to independently design a structurally and architecturally elaborated project and have gained the basic knowledge of research-based work.

This includes various methods such technical research, interdisciplinary application of instruments and tools, development of a methodical design strategy, as well as formally and technically correct in-depth formulation of a architectural design project.

Subject of course

Installations made of clay and bamboo in the AZW

Guest lecturer: Yasmeen Lari

This course can only be attended in combination with the Transferable Skill 251.851 Collaborative work/Design Build Projects.

The courses take place in cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien, the Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari (guest professorship), and the New Design University St. Pölten (Andi Breuss). The Architekturzentrum Wien is dedicating an exhibition to Yasmeen Lari and her extraordinary work from March 2023. The design task will be to design installations made of clay and bamboo for the exhibition and to implement them 1:1.

Yasmeen Lari is a Pakistani architect with an exceptional career. After graduating from the Oxford School of Architecture, she returned to Pakistan and became the country's first female architect to open an architecture firm specializing in large-scale, public and residential buildings. In 2000, Lari retired from commercial architecture and founded the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan, an organization which, with the support of UNESCO, is still dedicated to preserving Pakistan's architectural heritage. Since several earthquake disasters and the devastating floods of 2010, Lari has mainly been involved in reconstruction (40,000 houses in 4 years), has been involved with traditional architecture and has campaigned in the villages for affordable forms of housing using clay and bamboo. With the establishment of the Zero Carbon Campus near the well-known UNESCO Heritage Site of Makli, Lari takes up the urgent issues of our time and researches and teaches in the field of sustainable low-tech building construction.


The aim is to develop designs that are based on the experimental examination of the materials clay and bamboo. The resulting installations should be related to the work of Yasmeen Laris, exploit the possibilities of the materials and experience an aesthetic-sculptural expression.

The design is developed using models made of clay and wood, with sketches and drawings only being used secondarily.


The following criteria are in the foreground:

  • Dealing with artistic-aesthetic requirements in the sense of a sculptural design
  • Addressing the constructive possibilities of the respective material
  • Integration into the exhibition as well as addressing the spatial situation
  • Creation of form: functional, aesthetic, sensual, inspirational
  • Analysis of possible earth building techniques
  • Consideration of the chronological sequence and the required drying processes
  • Elaboration of bamboo joints
  • Detailed elaboration up to the implementation planning
  • Concrete feasibility of the designs
  • cost calculation
  • Time schedule


Heritage foundation: https://www.heritagefoundationpak.org/Hf 
Interview Yasmeen Lari: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N1q5kzmitk
Tutorials Zero-Carbon-Architecture: https://youtube.com/c/YasmeenLarisZeroCarbonChannel

Teaching methods

- research (construction techniques, materials etc.)
- analysis
- design presentation: models, sketches, plans, visualizations

Mode of examination


Additional information


Achtung: Anwesenheitspflicht bei allen fett geschriebenen Terminen! 

Zeit: 14:00 Uhr
Ort: Seminarraum 251-1, Stg. 3, 3. Stock

06.10. Einführung
13.10. Vorträge: Einführung in die Lehmbautechniken (Rieger-Jandl) und Lehmbau in Österreich (Andi Breuss)
20.10. Vortrag: Praktische Herangehensweisen an den Lehmbau (Christoph Lachberger), anschl. Diskussion über die Aufgabenstellung
27.10. Betreuungstermin (über Zoom: https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/97855034818)
03.11. Konzeptpräsentation
10.11. Betreuungstermin
17.11. Betreuungstermin
24.11. Zwischenpräsentation (Gast: Angelika Fitz - AZW), hochzuladen bis 23.11., 13:00
15.12. Betreuungstermin
22.12. Endpräsentation und Abgabe, hochzuladen bis 21.12., 13:00

Zoom-Vortrag von Yasmeen Lari: Datum wird noch bekannt gegeben




Course dates

Thu14:00 - 19:0024.11.2022Seminarraum AE U1 - 5 Mid-Term-Presentation Design Studio AZW

Examination modalities


concept presentation

  • working models

interim presentation

  • models
  • sketches
  • Floor plans and elevations – dimensioned

final presentation and delivery

  • presentation models
  • visualizations
  • details
  • Constructive execution
  • construction schedule
  • statement of costs


TitleApplication beginApplication end
Entwerfen Master (10 ECTS / 15 ECTS)12.09.2022 09:0026.09.2022 23:59


Study CodeObligationSemesterPrecon.Info
066 443 Architecture Mandatory elective


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