251.169 Recording and presentation of architecture
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2019S, VU, 2.0h, 3.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VU Lecture and Exercise

Aim of course

 The presentation of projects using moving pictures gains more and more importance, at the university but also in working life. The lecture provides an introduction into the production of films for a vivid and individual presentation of architecture. Target of the course is to teach programs and techniques which are needed to produce film features. Different working steps of the production of a filmic documentation are exemplified and worked on concrete movies. It spans from the general preparation, the introduction into the recording of pictures and sound, to the editing of the material, the design of 3d-animations, cutting, editing of the text, to finally the design and the compilation of a ready to publish multilingual DVD. Depending on the interests of the group the result of the lecture may be short films, features or even a longer documentary film.

Subject of course

An important part of scientific work is the publishing of its results. Multimedia techniques provide useful tools to present themes understandable. Within a movie it is possible to show much information in a short period of time. Very important is to develop a coherent form of expression to provide the researched topics to the general public, which is not familiar with this kind of information. It is very important to look intensive into the subject and to be aware of the possibilities to use moving pictures and animations to express and transport information. Efficiently used the instruments of language and images can provide a view into scientific work, which is not possible in just printed form.

The main topic of the course for the summer term 2015 are the castles of Burgenland (the most eastern country of Austria).

Aim of the work is to analyse the architecture of the buildings, their embedding and interrelation with the landscape, theri impact on neighbouring villages (if applicaple) and / or a critical analysis of architectural interventions constructed to attract and serve visitors.


Additional information

 In this semester, a topic from the following areas can be chosen within the framework of the course:

1) As a supplementary subject to the module Cultural Spaces 251.749

This semester the module Cultural Spaces leads to Travnik in Bosnia and deals with architecture developed during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.


2) Architecture of the 20th century in Lower Austria

In cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien, Dietmar Steiner and the Stiftung Forum Morgen, the research area Baugeschichte::Bauforschung is working on the architectural guide for Lower Austria, which will complete Friedrich Achleitner's series on this topic.

The exercise will document selected objects and conduct interviews with architects.

3) World heritage

In 1972 UNESCO ratified the World Heritage Convention in 193 countries with the aim of creating an instrument for the protection of the world's cultural and natural heritage.

The World Heritage List, which sets out sites of outstanding universal value, was defined as an instrument for joint efforts to protect this heritage. Austria currently has 9 World Heritage Sites.
For the architecture and planning this means a challenge in many cases, as could be seen in the controversial discussion about the Hotel am Heumarkt in Vienna in recent years.
In the LVA there is the possibility to deal with questions of architecture and/or planning in one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria in a cinematic documentation.


>>>>> Introduction: Thursday 14.03.2019 13:00 pm in the seminar room 251



Examination modalities

Result of the course is a shortfilm (5-10 minutes) with a describing treatment.

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