206.126 Physics 2 basics
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2021S, SE, 2.0h, 2.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 2.0
  • Type: SE Seminar
  • Format: Distance Learning

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...

... to transfer and apply the knowledge of secondary school physics and building physics to the level of civil engineering studies.

... to pursue the Bachelor compulsory lectures independently of their previous school education.

... to understand basic questions of physics/building physics and to understand simple calculation examples.

Subject of course

The basics of the following contents will be taught:

Comfort, heat transport
Hygric quantities and characteristic values
Basics of ecological building
Durability and risk management
Heating and cooling requirements
Sound insulation and acoustics
Summer overheating

Teaching methods

Presenting and working on basic knowledge

Introduction to basic calculation methods and standard-compliant verification procedures

Calculation of exercise examples

Expert lecture on selected topics

Mode of examination


Additional information

Please consider the plagiarism guidelines of TU Wien when writing your seminar paper: Directive concerning the handling of plagiarism (PDF)



Course dates

Fri13:00 - 15:0016.04.2021 - 18.06.2021 Online-Vorlesung via Zoom (LIVE)Physik 2 Aufbaukurs
Physics 2 basics - Single appointments
Fri16.04.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomEinführung, Behaglichkeit
Fri23.04.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomU-Wert
Fri30.04.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomHygrische Größen und Kennwerte
Fri07.05.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomÖkologisches Bauen
Fri21.05.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomDauerhaftigkeit und Risikomanagement
Fri28.05.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomHeizwärme-undKühlbedarf
Fri04.06.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomSchallschutz
Fri11.06.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via Zoomsommerliche Überwärmung
Fri18.06.202113:00 - 15:00 Online-Vorlesung via ZoomTageslicht (Gastvortrag)

Examination modalities

written exam to understand the content of the course and to reproduce it using simple examples

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
05.03.2021 00:00



BaukonstruktionslehreChristof Riccabona: Manz
4 Bauphysik  2013

Previous knowledge

no special previous knowledge required