195.102 Financing of Innovation
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in allen zugeordneten Curricula Teil der STEOP.
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in mindestens einem zugeordneten Curriculum Teil der STEOP.

2023W, VU, 1.5h, 2.0EC


  • Semesterwochenstunden: 1.5
  • ECTS: 2.0
  • Typ: VU Vorlesung mit Übung
  • Format der Abhaltung: Hybrid


Nach positiver Absolvierung der Lehrveranstaltung sind Studierende in der Lage - After successful completion of the course, students are able to:

  • Build a first valid financial plan based on the chosen business model
  • Evaluate the different financial sources and find an individual financing strategy based on the business model and capital needs
  • Know the different possibilities for public funding and early-stage financing in Austria
  • Know how to contact and negotiate with investors and how to set up a term sheet/contract

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung

IMPORTANT: This lecture is only for students assigned to the supplementary curriculum "Extended Study on Innovation" offered by the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c)! For further information, please visit http://i2c.tuwien.ac.at/home/are-you-a-student/how-to-apply/ 

***ECTS Breakdown***

2 ECTS = 50 hours

30        Lectures (prüfungsimmanent)
20       Group work, case studies and final presentation

***Content decription***

Finance Plan & KPIs

-          Budget calculation (structure and organization, assumptions and input factors)
-          Structure & best practices for an early-stage financial plan
-          Business/revenue models in comparison
-          Main cost drivers & assumptions

Financing Sources & Strategy

-          Overview of different financing strategies
-          What to consider when picking a financing source
-          Public funding in Austria & on a European level
-          Equity financing process -- from the first impression to a signed term sheet

Termsheet & Contract Negotiation

-          Evaluation of early-stage companies
-          Overview of most important legal terms
-          Termsheet discussion -- what to consider when negotiating with potential investors
-          Structure of startup financing rounds

Expert Session & Market Feedback

-          Deep dive with industry experts
-          Live discussions with experts for public funding, business angels & international investors



Markus Lang, former tech entrepreneur now seasoned venture capitalist, Markus is a partner in Speedinvest’s sector-agnostic seed team. He is passionate about B2B software companies (led Impala, Upvest, Shapr3D) and consumer ventures (led SecondNature, Refurbed) that tackle under-digitized markets. Previously in charge of the fund’s pre-seed activities, he built a transverse portfolio of 40+ companies all across Europe. Earlier in his career, he co-founded an investor-backed logistics tech startup, advised multiple companies on their path to scale, and ran his own venture. He has a background in Business Administration and Law. Markus is a very active contributor to the local ecosystem. He runs initiatives to increase diversity in business leadership and holds board or advisory roles in several nonprofits and public institutions. In 2018, he was included in Forbes Magazine’s annual 30 under 30 list.



This course will give students the opportunity to learn about and participate in negotiations with financial context. However, students will understand what it takes to prepare, conduct and debrief their teams in financial negotiations. Active participation in class is a key requirement and permanent attendance consequently is mandatory.



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IMPORTANT: This lecture is only for students assigned to the supplementary curriculum "Extended Study on Innovation" offered by the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c)!

For further information, please visit http://i2c.tuwien.ac.at/home/are-you-a-student/how-to-apply/

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LVA Termine

Di.17:00 - 20:0007.11.2023Seminarraum 362 - 1 Financing of Innovation 1/8
Di.17:00 - 20:0014.11.2023Seminarraum 362 - 1 Financing of Innovation 2/8
Di.17:00 - 20:0021.11.2023 ONLINEFinancing of Innovation 3/8
Di.17:00 - 20:0028.11.2023Seminarraum 362 - 1 Financing of Innovation 4/8
Mo.17:00 - 20:0004.12.2023 ONLINEPublic Funding Expert session 5/8
Di.17:00 - 20:0012.12.2023 ONLINEBusiness Angel/VC Expert Session 6/8
Mi.17:00 - 20:0010.01.2024Seminarraum 362 - 1 Financing of Innovation 7/8
Sa.10:00 - 15:0013.01.2024 ONLINEFinance Presentation (Milestone) 8/8


Continuous assessment ("prüfungsimmanent"):

  • Evaluation of the financial model that will be built during the lecture
  • Presentation and Q&A of the financial model & relevant project KPIs (during the final presentations at the end of the semester)
  • Active participation during the lecture (asking/answering questions, providing input, sharing examples & best practices)


Von Bis Abmeldung bis
10.07.2023 08:00 30.09.2023 08:00


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046 002 Innovation Gebundenes Wahlfach


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