195.096 Leadership and Human Resources
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in allen zugeordneten Curricula Teil der STEOP.
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in mindestens einem zugeordneten Curriculum Teil der STEOP.

2024S, VU, 1.5h, 2.0EC


  • Semesterwochenstunden: 1.5
  • ECTS: 2.0
  • Typ: VU Vorlesung mit Übung
  • Format der Abhaltung: Präsenz


Nach positiver Absolvierung der Lehrveranstaltung sind Studierende in der Lage:

  • Gaining an understanding of leadership (basic principles, creating and developing a high performance team and reaching goals and gain results as a leader of a team)
  • Gaining an understanding of conflict management (theory, prevention and management of conflicts)
  • Being prepared to develop and hire a team when founding a start-up
  • Being able to understand and cope with the basic HR needs that are particularly relevant for the founding stage of a startup

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung

IMPORTANT: This lecture is only for students assigned to the supplementary curriculum "Extended Studiy on Innovation" offered by the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c)! For further information, please visit http://i2c.tuwien.ac.at/home/are-you-a-student/how-to-apply/

***ECTS Breakdown***

2 ECTS = 50 hours

40        Lectures (prüfungsimmanent)
10        Individual and group assignments

***Content Description***

1. Introduction to holistic HR for entrepreneurs

In this block, students will receive a general overview of various aspects of HR in young and fast-growing companies. The lectures will be a mix of theoretical knowledge, experience and case studies from the European startup environment and group work.

The content will provide students with the basic knowledge to master HR in a startup

  • Areas of HR in small companies
  • Case Studies and Discussion Groups
  • How to find (hire) your first team.
  • How to create and develop a high performance team.
  •  How to deal with equity at the founding stage.

2. Unconscious Bias, Team Management and Motivation

This part should allow the student to gain a first knowledge in the psychological area of HR. The aim is that students learn about aspects of team management, the unconscious bias and employee/founder motivation.

2.1 Team Management

  • Definition, models, and Checklists
  • Leader vs. Manager vs. Founder
  • Team Setup
  • Basic Principles of Organizations and their structure
  • ools and Automation

2.2 Unconscious Bias Training

2.3 Founder/Employee Motivation

  • Motivation Models “CLIFF” Model
  • Feedback Model
  • Founder Dynamics
  • Founder Check
  • Tools

2.4   Communication in times of crisis

  • Theory and Background
  • Covid Crisis for Startups 2020
  • Tools
  • Discussion & Case Studies

3. Leadership & Conflict Management

Students will be guided through leadership and conflict management basics with a focus on conflicts in early stage startups. In addition, the lecture and the practical exercises will be underlined by the results of the personal assessment test – the founder check.

3.1 Leadership

  • How to work in teams
  • What are “leadership” tasks
  • How-to delegate and what to delegate in a startup
  • Role definition in startups CXO Process
  • Startup Anatomy
  • Practical group work

3.2 Conflict Management

  • Founder Clash
  • De-escalation Methods
  • Theoretical Background conflict stages
  • Tools & Case Studies
  • Practical Group work


Lukas Rippitsch is Group CEO of an international consulting company for AI Search Optimisation, Improove Inc., as well as co-founder of HROS and Digitalisten GmbH. In the past, he worked for Google as a Data Analyst as well as some years in Investment Banking.


Experience-based training & development (experiential learning; team tasks in the surrounding of the premises.)



Vortragende Personen


LVA Termine

Di.17:00 - 20:0012.03.2024Seminarraum 362 - 1 Leadership and Human Resources (1/8)
Mi.17:00 - 20:0013.03.2024Seminarraum 362 - 1 Leadership and Human Resources (2/8)
Mi.17:00 - 20:0017.04.2024Seminarraum 362 - 1 Leadership and Human Resources (3/8)
Do.10:00 - 20:0025.04.2024 Junges Hotel MelkLeadership and Human Resources (4/8)
Fr.09:00 - 19:0026.04.2024 Junges Hotel MelkLeadership and Human Resources (6/8)
Sa.09:00 - 16:0027.04.2024 Junges Hotel MelkLeadership and Human Resources (5/8)
Di.17:00 - 20:0007.05.2024Seminarraum 362 - 1 Leadership and Human Resources (7/8)
Di.17:00 - 20:0014.05.2024Seminarraum 362 - 1 Leadership and Human Resources (8/8)


Continuous assessment ("prüfungsimmanent"):

• Attendance and active participation at lectures

• Group work and presentation of results

• Exam


Von Bis Abmeldung bis
12.05.2023 10:00 14.06.2024 10:00


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046 002 Innovation Gebundenes Wahlfach


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