187.A48 Exploratives Design 1

2020S, PR, 4.0h, 6.0EC


  • Semesterwochenstunden: 4.0
  • ECTS: 6.0
  • Typ: PR Projekt


Nach positiver Absolvierung der Lehrveranstaltung sind Studierende in der Lage...

(course in english language:)

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...

…understand the concept of exploration as a method, as well as it's value when applied in design and research
…execute exploratory design strategies in different contexts
…reflect critically on design and explain different aspects of design

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung

explorative design is a course built upon henrik gedenryd’s model of design. he describes design as emerging not only from thinking, but from doing, building upon the theory of interactive cognition. these ideas in turn go back to donald schön reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action, ultimately refering to john dewey and his »theory of inquiry«. following the resulting construct of ideas, this course tries to create an environment where design can be understood and learned by exploring ideas, materials and concepts by exploratory design, based on the aforementioned modes of reflection. 

in »explorative design 1«, we delve into the basics of design such as typography and color, and make our way to semantics, semiotics and interaction. in »explorative design 2«, students follow a project of their own choosing, mostly trying out various design methods, strategies and approaches to experience their potential for insight and knowledge building. 


shared workshops in class; projects in small working groups; discussion and reflection of the work from the groups; reception and discussion of design research literature



Weitere Informationen

the summer 2020 edition of »exploratives design« combines part 1 + 2 into a single, high-effort course. you will spend 12*25 = 300 hours in this courrse, which boils down to approx 20 hours per week. please do not participate if you cannot invest enough time!

70 hours – workshops & lectures
200 hours – project work
30 hours – research and reading

after kickoff, dates are 10.3., 24.3., 31.3., 21.4, 5.5., 19.5., and  9.6.

content focus will be online teaching and learning/explainer videos/explanations in multiple media

Vortragende Personen


LVA Termine

Di.00:00 - 00:0010.03.2020 seminar room 193-05, argentinierstr. 8, 2nd floor, center doorkick-off


students are evaluated based on participation in class and the quality of their project work



Registration on first day of semester, in person in the office of hci group, Argentinierstr. 8, 2. floor, center door. Limited admission on a first come first serve basis.

Note that registration is only possible for Exploratives Design 1 + 2 together!


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