184.729 Semantic Web Technologies Canceled
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2018W, VU, 2.0h, 3.0EC, to be held in blocked form


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VU Lecture and Exercise

Aim of course

The goal of this lecture with assignments is to provide deeper insights into languages, standards and technologies of the Semantic Web. The special focus here lies on formal Semantics. Further we will show how these standards can be used for inference and querying on the Web, Semantic Web search and Linked Data.

Subject of course

The lecture will start consist of both lectures and a practical part:

   i) The Semantic Web - Lecture Overview and Bird's View on RDF(S), OWL & SPARQL
   ii) RDF Semantics in detail
   iii) SPARQL in detail
   iv) SPARQL 1.1
   v) Higher Entailment regimes: Semantics of RDF Schema & OWL2
   vi) Open Data & Linked Data
   vii) Linked Data: Real applications and Tools

The lectures will be accompanied by tutorials and a final project to be conducted in groups of 2-3.

Additional information

** Starting from the academic year 2015/2016, the course will be offered in the summer Semester.**





DayTimeDateRoomMode of examinationApplication timeApplication modeExam
Thu - 01.10.2020written&oral11.09.2020 16:00 - 30.09.2020 23:00TISSSecond exam
Mon - 12.07.2021written&oralunknownFirst exam

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