136.083 Gravity and holography in lower dimensions I
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According to the holographic principle quantum gravity in D spacetime dimensions is equivalent to quantum theory without gravity in D-1 spacetime dimensions. If true, the holographic principle is a profound aspect of Nature, which can be exploited for applications in two ways: either we can use quantum field theories to learn novel insights about quantum gravity, or we can use simple gravity models to derive certain observables in strongly coupled quantum field theories in situations where no other known tool works.

The most precise realization of holography is the Anti-de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence. These lectures provide an introduction to holography in lower dimensions, in particular for D=3, where powerful techniques and symmetries exist to deal with the gravity side and the field theory side. While the focus will be mostly on AdS_3/CFT_2, also some aspects of flat space holography will be covered.

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