126.072 Practice work - Cartographie
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2008S, FU, 3.0h, 3.8EC
Quinn ECTS survey


  • Semester hours: 3.0
  • Credits: 3.8
  • Type: FU Field Exercise

Aim of course

The two-day course explains what is necessary for continuation and actualization of the main Austrian cartographic work ÖK 50, how to collect the geo-data with simple measurements and it would be demonstrated the orientation/navigation through the site.

Subject of course

- Map reading, Map interpretation - Orientation trough the site, - Identification, verification and classification of geo-objects, - Revision of cartographic object-geometry in the "manuscript map" 1:10.000 - Data acquisition for missing geo-objects with aid of compass and GPS-Tracking, - Data analysis and interpretation, - Scale dependent and graphic designed first visualisation of collected data/geometry in 1:50.000 - scale of the Austrian ÖK50


  • Lechthaler, Mirjanka
  • Simonne-Dombovari, Eszter


Course dates

Thu07:30 - 20:3019.06.2008 - 20.06.2008 Feldübung im Gelände
Fri07:30 - 20:3020.06.2008 - 20.06.2008 Feldübung im Gelände
Practice work - Cartographie - Single appointments
Thu19.06.200807:30 - 20:30 Feldübung im Gelände
Fri20.06.200807:30 - 20:30 Feldübung im Gelände

Examination modalities

Beurteilt Vor Ort fertigerstellte kartographische Datenvisualisierung in 1:10.000 für ÖK50 an Hand von photogrammetrisch und im Feld erfasster Geometrie.

Course registration

Not necessary


Study CodeObligationSemesterPrecon.Info
660 Surveying and Geoinformation Mandatory elective6. Semester


Lecture notes for this course are available. Wird bei der Fu verteilt