120.095 Lectures for Future II
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2021S, VO, 2.0h, 2.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 2.0
  • Type: VO Lecture
  • Format: Distance Learning

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to analyse the complexity of the current Climate Crisis, its impact on environment and society, and possible soloutions through a wide variety of view angles.The students will gather expertise and learn concepts from a wide variety of disciplines, including natural sciences, technology, (socio-)economics, behavioural sciences, the arts, and many more.

Subject of course

The course "Lectures for Future" is a varied mosaic of lectures addressing the ecological and societal challenges of the current climate crisis. The aim of the course is to view the climate crisis from a wide range of disciplines. "Lectures for future" are supported by the Scientists4Future (https://www.scientists4future.org/) movement.

In summer semester 2021, 8 Austrian universities (BOKU, TU Wien, VetMed, Die Angewandte, WU Wien, FH BFI Wien, JKU Linz, FH Kufstein) organise this lecture series. In total, over 70 different lectures are offered, each university offering a unique programme. The course "Lectures for Future II" at TU Wien covers 16 lectures given by external experts


Teaching methods

Lectures, discussion, video

Mode of examination


Additional information

Event program in detail, TU Wien, summer term 2021


Alexander Novotny (WU Vienna)
Cybercrime - the virtual pandemic in the new normal

Renate     Christ (IPCC Secretariat)
Recent findings of the IPCC, COVID-19 and implications on the UNFCCC process

Elisabeth Kopf (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
Biomimicry — Design and Innovation inspired by Nature

Dieter Meissner (Tallin University)
Solar Electricity: On the way to Energy 4 Free

Alexandra Anderluh (FH St. Pölten)
Cargobikes in Citylogistic – Opportunities and Challenges

Hans-Peter Fuehrer (vetmed Vienna)
Global Change - Parasites and Vectors

Heidi Danzl (University Salzburg)
Tiny creatures: Invisible global forces that have shaped history

Panel Discussion
What should be the role of universities in fighting the climate crisis? Does TU Wien do enough?

With representatives of: Scientists for Future, Build for Future, Students for Future, TU Green-Team, Researchers from BOKU, University Vienna and TU Vienna

Frank Brueck (WU Vienna)
IKIGAI for Leaders and Organisations - the way to individual and collective purpose and meaning

Johannes Jäger (FH BFI Vienna)
Green finance: solution or trap?

Manuel Grebenjak (Research & Degrowth)
Degrowth as a way out of the ecological crisis

Robert    Koeppe (JKU Linz)
(De-)constructing climate change - global warming and the construction industry

Georg Gratzer (BOKU Vienna)
Wildfires in the Anthropocene: of fire suppression and exploding trees

Martin Schlatzer (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Vienna)
On the edge of the Anthropocene – Plant based and vegetarian diets as a key role for solving climate and multiple crisis”



Course dates

Mon17:00 - 19:3015.03.2021 - 17.05.2021 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Lectures for Future II - Single appointments
Mon15.03.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Mon22.03.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Mon12.04.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Mon19.04.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Mon26.04.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Mon03.05.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Mon10.05.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures
Mon17.05.202117:00 - 19:30 https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/94487667621?pwd=V1lrSnJYQlpiQUdwNndickhRc2NxQT09Lectures

Examination modalities

Compulsary attendance, active participation in discussions and written reflections

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
26.01.2021 00:00 15.03.2021 20:00



No lecture notes are available.