120.030 Microwave Remote Sensing
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2020W, UE, 2.0h, 3.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: UE Exercise
  • Format: Distance Learning

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to apply the mathematical and physical theory from the co-organised lecture. The students will receive skills for using fundamental concepts on microwaves and radar through performing dedicated calculation examples. Moreover, the students will gain hands-on-skills on handling and exploitation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data for the retrieval of geophysical variables and objects on land surfaces.

Subject of course

The exercise comprise one theory part and one practical part.

The theory part comprise calculation exercises on electromagnetic radiation and its description as waves, radiative transfer theory, radar methods, refraction and scattering phenomena, and interaction with matter.

The practical exercise deals with the processing of SAR-data over Austria with the aim to perform, document, discuss, and evaluate a freely chosen application and methods.

Teaching methods

The students are supported with the following methods in their exercises:

  • calculation of exercises
  • presentations of the exercises on the blackboard
  • feedback to the exercise presenation on the blackboard
  • introduction to the handling of the QGis software
  • introduction to the interpretation of SAR imagery
  • motivation for posing, accepting, or rejecting an own hypothesis
  • feedback to exercise results, report, and presentation

The practical exercise is carried out as group effort (in teams of 2 or 3).

Mode of examination




Course dates

Thu15:30 - 17:0008.10.2020 - 21.01.2021 Online tutorial (zoom)Microwave Remote Sensing UE
Microwave Remote Sensing - Single appointments
Thu08.10.202015:30 - 17:00 Online tutorial (zoom)Introduction MRS UE
Thu15.10.202015:30 - 17:00 Online tutorial (zoom)Microwave Remote Sensing UE
Thu22.10.202015:30 - 17:00 Online tutorial (zoom)Microwave Remote Sensing UE
Thu12.11.202015:30 - 17:00 Online tutorial (zoom)Microwave Remote Sensing UE
Thu10.12.202015:30 - 17:00 Online tutorial (zoom)Microwave Remote Sensing UE
Thu14.01.202115:30 - 17:00 Online tutorial (zoom)Microwave Remote Sensing UE
Thu21.01.202115:30 - 17:00 Online tutorial (zoom)Microwave Remote Sensing UE

Examination modalities

The grading is deduced from the following performances of the students:

  • marked exercises
  • presentation of exercises
  • written report on practical exercise
  • presentation of application, methods, and results from the practical exercise

The grading's mode and point system will be explained in detail at the initial course meeting. Presence at the theory-exercises, the initial meeting, and the presentations are mandatory!

In front: The point system is designed in a way so that the maximum is hard to achieve, while the grading is designed in a for the students favourable way.

Course registration

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Study CodeSemesterPrecon.Info
066 421 Geodesy and Geoinformation 1. Semester


No lecture notes are available.

Previous knowledge

It is assumed that students are familiar with

  • electromagnetic wave- and radiative transfer theory
  • basic remote sensing techniques and applications.

Accompanying courses