101.632 AKANA Interface and contact problems: From analysis to numerics
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This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2016S, VO, 2.0h, 3.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VO Lecture

Aim of course

Understanding of the basic pure and numeric analysis of interfacial and contact problems,especially well-posedness and error analysis of Galerkin methods.

Knowledge of relevant aspects of functional analysis of variational inequalities, finite and boundary element methods as well as numeric solvers.

Subject of course

- Modelling of interface problems between materials: interface conditions and friction laws

- Obstacle problems, friction and contact: (free) time-independent boundary problems as constrained on nonsmooth variational problems, solution using Uzawa and semismooth Newton methods

- Nonlinear analysis of variational inequalities: functional analytic background, classical theorem on wellposedness and abstract approximation, regularity of solutions

- Approximation by finite and boundary elements - from basics to current research: BEM for dummies, variational inequalities and penalty formulations, error analysis, adaptivity, advanced approximation methods, maybe coupling of FEM and BEM

- Towards time-dependent dynamic contact problems

Additional information

Die lecture will be held by Prof. Heiko Gimperlein, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh



Course dates

Mon09:00 - 10:3030.05.2016Sem.R. DA grün 04 Prof. Gimperlein
Mon13:15 - 14:4530.05.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 B Prof. Gimperlein
Tue09:00 - 10:3031.05.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 B Prof. Gimperlein
Tue12:30 - 14:0031.05.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 C Prof.Gimperlein
Thu09:00 - 10:3002.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 04 Prof. Gimperlein
Thu12:30 - 14:0002.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 C Prof. Gimperlein
Mon13:00 - 14:3006.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 B Prof. Gimperlein
Tue09:00 - 10:3007.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 B Prof. Gimperlein
Tue12:30 - 14:0007.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 C Prof. Gimperlein
Wed15:30 - 17:0008.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 C Prof. Gimperlein
Thu09:00 - 10:3009.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 04 Prof. Gimperlein
Thu12:30 - 14:0009.06.2016Sem.R. DA grün 03 C Prof. Gimperlein

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Previous knowledge

Partial differential equations, functional analysis, numerical analysis of pdes (finite elements)