034.014 Science-Technology-Society (STS)
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2023S, UE, 2.0h, 2.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 2.0
  • Type: UE Exercise
  • Format: Presence

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...
…understand interdependencies between science, technology development and society
…critically discuss science and technology politics
…understand how different innovation modells conceptualize the relation between science, technology and society
…develop their own understanding of innovation in their field of science and study

Subject of course

Whether in politics, business or technology development, scientific knowledge has become a central factor in decision-making and action. Science is increasingly seen as a driver of (technological) innovation to bring solutions to social, political and environmental problems. At the same time, the understanding of what constitutes an innovation has changed again and again over time and with changing values. Various questions thus arise: Who decides what is considered a problem to be solved and what are legitimate solutions to it? How is science shaped in practice today? How political may/should science be? What requirements must innovations fulfil beyond technical specifications?

This UE builds on the content of the VO Science-Technology-Studies (034.013) and enables students to work on the topics dealt with there in depth and in a broader way. The UE is based on theoretical and methodological positions from Science and Technology Studies (STS), with the aim of linking these with positions from the students' different disciplines. Interdisciplinarity - i.e. cooperation across disciplines - is actively practised within the framework of the UE. In addition, working with current case studies offers the opportunity to apply what has been learned and to discuss it.

Teaching methods

  • individual and group work on relevant literature and materials (e.g. newspaper articles, position papers, videos, podcasts)
  • discussion of literature, materials and contents of the lecture in different interactive formats
  • working on case studies in groups

Mode of examination


Additional information

Attendance is compulsory for the UE.

It is strongly recommended to attend this UE and the lecture "Science-Technology-Society (STS)" (034.013) in the same semester. Both are adjusted to each other in terms of course and content. The lecture can also be attended separately.

This course may be taken as an elective course for the Gender and Diversity Competency Supplemental Certificate. More information about the certificate can be found here.
With the certificate Gender and Diversity Competence, graduates prove their competence in the consideration of gender and diversity aspects.
Prerequisite for the issuance of the certificate is the completion of courses from the following list in the amount of at least 16 ECTS.
Three courses amounting to 7 ECTS must be completed; for the remaining 9 ECTS, all courses from the list "Optional Courses" can be chosen. The list of courses can be found here.



Course dates

Thu09:00 - 11:0009.03.2023 - 29.06.2023Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Übung
Science-Technology-Society (STS) - Single appointments
Thu09.03.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu16.03.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu23.03.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu30.03.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu20.04.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu27.04.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu04.05.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu11.05.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu25.05.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu01.06.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu15.06.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu22.06.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise
Thu29.06.202309:00 - 11:00Seminarraum 127 Science-Technology-Society Exercise

Examination modalities

A - Participation in the discussions in the UE units (assessed individually - 20%)
B - Development of a controversy map on the topic of the case study (assessed as a group - 30%)
C - Conception and implementation of a unit on the topic of the case study (assessed as a group - 30%)
D - Final reflection on the case study and the course (assessed individually - 20%)

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
01.02.2023 09:00 08.03.2023 23:59 10.03.2023 23:59

Group Registration

GroupRegistration FromTo
Whitelist01.02.2023 12:0007.03.2023 23:59


Study CodeObligationSemesterPrecon.Info
066 445 Mechanical Engineering Not specified
TRS Transferable Skills Not specified


The literature and material list will be provided via Tuwel.

Previous knowledge

No specific prior knowledge is required for participation in this UE. However, it is strongly recommended to attend the lecture "Science-Technology-Society (STS)" (034.013) in the same semester.

Accompanying courses


  • Attendance Required!